Download zone : new address 2020

Streaming is a revolutionary concept. It allows you to watch high-quality series and movies, free of charge or for a fee, and online! What to do to attract millions of Internet users! Streaming films are accessible to them via many platforms. The most popular were MegaLoad and Download Zone. “Were”? Yes, because these two platforms no longer exist today… or not. For the case of MegaToad, we have confirmation that it is definitely closed. Download Zone on the other hand is still accessible , but under other names! To learn more about this site, read our article!

Download area/directory area: the valid URL of the site in 2020

After have changed several times, the new official address in 2020 is now . Here is a simple moment of memory to remember it:

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  • ZT forZA Download Zone
  • for Directory Zone (which was one of the old names)

Let’s go back in more detail to the history of this site, which is still so appreciated by Internet users despite a complicated history…

What is Zone Download?

Brief Site History Zone Downloads

Who does not know Zone Download? This platform is surely the most famous in terms of live watching movies and series! But for the anecdote: Zone Downloads is a directory of direct download links. In simpler terms, by clicking on the link that the site presents you, the download is immediately started. You do not go through the intermediate pages, you are not redirected to other structures, you avoid peer-to-peer downloading. With just one click, you have access to the content appendix without service .

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Created in 2010, it has been one of the most visited sites in its category. Five years after its opening in May 2015, the site has more than 3.5 million visitors! This record number propels him among the most beloved illegal download sites. Since then, its users come to the site every month to get video content for free.

Closing the zone download?

Download area is however illegal. As a result, it was closed at the end of November 2016 La by the French National Gendarmerie. However, after its closure, the site reappears from its ash under other acronyms. Given the huge number of visits the site has received during its activity, many hackers try to imitate it to attract users. So you need to be vigilant when you go to clones and make sure this is the official website.

It is therefore important to distinguish pirates from “official” clones. Currently, the official name of the download area of the site (a contraction of Zone Download and Zone Directory). But you should know that these “names” often change: the directory area is active and usable at the time of writing this article (June 2020), but later, Zone Downloads may take a different name .

Why have Zone Downloads been closed?

Download area: illegal site

First you need to understand why Zone Downloading is illegal. In fact, Zone Downloads is a sworn enemy of copyright defenders. All works are popularized: movies, series, cartoons, music… In total, hundreds of thousands of copyrighted and property files are easily accessible. It is not the taste of entities that protect audiovisual works. According to them, the French language download portal would cause damage of €75 million in law.

Copyright vs Download Area

In France, there are mainly two anti-pirate entities that have the Downloads Zone in sight : the SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) and the ALPA (Association de Fight Against Audiovisual Piracy). The latter is particularly concerned about the activity of Zone Downloads. Its mission is to report infringements related to copyright infringement , including the activities of Zone Downloads. This illegal site is therefore the subject of a complaint by these two associations, which led to its closure in November 2016. The site has already faced a first technical failure of the DL-Protect web service, which totally handicapped its operation for hours. But its closure by the French National Gendarmerie will be “definitively” all its activities.

Download area, rebirth?

Only, 24 hours after closing, a clone of the site has already been born. Unfortunately, the links it offers are not functional. These are subject to a link protection service and are not usable, to the greatest dismay of Zone Downloads subscribers. A year later, another clone — this time with functional links — takes over the torch. Under the URL, the illegal free download portal will resume its activities. Later, the name will be changed to,,… But as mentioned above, by the time we write this article, the official URL has changed again to .

How does the download to zone directory work?

Download Zone was appreciated for its ease of use and for its free use . With one click, you have the file of your choice directly to download. This platform offers very rich content in different formats, something that pleases all cinemas.

How exactly does it work? In fact, the site is full of “warez”. These warez are links to movies, series, music, e-books or even video games. These files are not royalty-free. To obtain legal access, authorization must be obtained from the author, or make the purchase. Zone Downloads offers them free of charge.

The site is configured in a very simple interface. Each visitor can easily navigate the different categories offered and have access to the most recent content offered . On PC, to the right of the page, you have the categories with subcategories: movies, series, games… In the center, the place is the last content, and on the left side you have the Tops. Nothing difficult, even the neophyte of netizens will know how to use it.

How do I download a file in Zone Download?

So you select the file you want to get. In fact, here you can have a choice:

  • Broadcast on the download of the area.
  • download from Zone Download and store on your hard drive for later viewing.

Once you have chosen a movie, a series… click on the corresponding image (the cover photo of the DVD). If it is a series, the available seasons will be displayed under a “Download” or “Download” button, as well as the available qualities (HD 720p in VOST, HD 720 in FR, HDTV… By scrolling down the bottom of your screen, you will see download and synopsis information on the same page. Always below you will see links to watch streaming .

Finally, always below, the name of a host (Uptobox, Uploaded, Turbobit, Nitroflare, 1file…) with each link of each episode. Click on the episode of your choice andyou will access the download link . It is necessary that your browser ‘s ad blocker be unlocked in order to get to the download link page. No need for a password but a captcha has been set up on the homepage before accessing it in order to validate that you are a human. You will only be able to validate it if you disable this ad blocker. But don’t forget to re-enable it once you access the download area.

What are the risks of viruses and fines?

Download Zone remains an illegal site, regardless of the name it takes. By purchasing files on this platform, you are fully aware of the dangers you face. Particularly caveats are those that make illegal files available to other users.

Need a VPN

This French leader in Direct Download (DDL) is not particularly threatened by HADOPI, which mainly deals with peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer downloading. However, using a VPN is highly recommended. Why? Because the role of HADOPI can evolve : the powers of the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet will extend to direct downloads and streaming. Using a VPN will allow you to encrypt your data : no one will be able to see your real IP address. You will get another IP address — which will serve you if one day HADOPI falls on you during your DDL and streaming.

Using Antivirus

The files you are going to download from Zone Download can be pooped. To avoid affecting your system and having to clean your PC, you must have an up-to-date antivirus. There are many on the canvas, besides, are free. But for maximum protection, opt for paid versions .

Alternate Solutions to Download Area

In addition to the French-language website of DDL Zone Downloadable, accessible from , there are other platforms that allow you to obtain audiovisual content.

Free Alternatives

To download music, you can use YouTube To mp3 converters . These are tools that retrieve videos from YouTube and convert them to files mp3 file.

To download movies, you have:


These platforms offer, like Download Zone, a variety of audiovisual content (movies, series, shows, manga, cartoons…) for direct download or streaming.

There are now what we call VOD or video on demand . It is a service that offers videos available directly online. They are accessible via the Internet — via content websites — or from the service provider’s TV set-top box. On VoD, you have a wide choice of programs and features, such as quick return, pause or slow motion.

Unlike Zone Downloads, VoD streaming platforms allow for legal download. The proposed content is almost within the same categories (TV shows, series, films, documentaries, reports, concerts, cartoons…). All you have to do is choose the program you want to see, pay for its purchase and lease (usually by paypal or credit card), and see it. To do this, some platforms impose their reader, others do not. The most well-known VoD platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vodeo, Canalplay, MYTF1VOD, Videofutur, Filmo TV, UniversCiné.


Founded in 1997, more than 20 years ago, Netflix has offered mail order DVD rental. Subscribers chose films or series and received them on optical disc by mail. Rental time was not limited, but depending on the type of subscription chosen, the number of accessible content was capped. It was in 2010 that Netflix became a service of streaming, accessible from your computer via a web browser, smartphones, connected TVs, video game consoles… It is offered as a monthly subscription, without obligation (SVOD: Video on Demand Subscription).

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, or Prime Video, is Amazon’s streaming service. Themain competitor of Netflix, it offers similar offers. The very complete video library of this SVOD will appeal to movie lovers. But to get the most out of the experience, you need to have a quality connection speed. The service will adjust the sound and image quality to the connection speed. The faster, the better.


This is the VoD platform of Walt Disney. It was recently launched in France in April of this year for less than 7 €/month. Not surprisingly, this streaming service features documentaries Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic.

The advantage of VOD is therefore the legality of the process. More and more Internet users are turning to this alternative so as not to run the risk of being searched . Programs are as rich as on Zone Downloads, so VODs have nothing to envy to the DDL site.

Zone-download.AL is a website offering thousands of movieslegally ! It takes almost the same design as Zone Downloads, but it redirects its users to platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, CanalVod or the National Film Center. In other words, downloaders are taken to legal sites where they can get content untwisted ( by buying it ). The idea of the promoters of this site is to promote the legal offer .

What other ways to download?

It is also possible to download movies or series using torrents. A Torrent link allows you to get content over the Internet through the BitTorrent protocol. Sites that offer torrents are often removed from Google. If you want to access this type of site, it is better to use other search engines, such as, short, the Download Zone site is indeed active, under its name Despite the profusion of VoD offers, it is still widely used by Internet users who do not have the desire or the means to pay for audiovisual content. If you are one of the largest subscribers of Zone Downloads, be aware that its current name,, could still change in the future. Always follow our publications to be informed of any changes!

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