Do we lose weight when you lose chest?

As David Schafer, a plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery, reveals, the shape of the chest varies with weight fluctuations. So, when a woman gains or loses weight, the breasts lose elasticity. In addition, the doctor claims that rapid weight loss disrupts the production of collagen of breast tissue. Hence the fact that after a restrictive diet, the breasts can undergo rapid sagging skin leaving stretch marks appear.

How to keep firm breasts after weight loss?

Fortunately, weight loss does not always lead to sagging and loosening of the chest. By adopting the right gestures on a daily basis, every woman is able to slim while keeping round and firm breasts.

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Here are 7 ways to preserve the shape of your breasts after a diet:

1. Do bodybuilding exercises by targeting pectoral

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To tone the breasts and raise them up, what better than practicing bodybuilding exercises that target this area. Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding does not reduce the size of the chest but on the contrary, helps it to keep its shape. This part of the body consists of the large pectoral and small pectoral, muscles that are worth working properly. You can opt for a horizontal lying developed at the gym or use dumbbells to muscling this area. If you prefer to do your exercises at home, you can do sets of pumps.

2. Practice a massage with vegetable oils

Often, when we lose weight, we see these famous stretch marks appear on our body and especially on our chest. These scars usually accompany a loosening of the chest following a diet. To fight Against these undesirable consequences, you can offer your breasts firming massages based on vegetable oils rich in antioxidants such as olive oil or sweet almond oil.

3. Showers in cold water

The cold shower has many benefits for the whole body. Indeed, it is ideal to wake up with the right foot since it stimulates the blood circulation of the body. By the way, it would seem that the cold participates in the contraction of the skin that tightens naturally. So it is a great way to avoid sagging skin that manifests itself after a diet or with age. So what are you waiting for to adopt the Scottish shower trend?

4. Sleeping on your back

Some people are used to sleeping on their stomach and crushing their chest. However, this way of sleeping promotes the sagging of the chest and alters its initial shape. In fact, doctor Todd Malan, plastic surgeon, indicates that sleeping on your stomach or on the side exerts pressure on the breasts and promotes their relaxation, so the best is to sleep on your back.

5. Avoid exposing your chest to the sun

If you want to preserve a firm breast, abandon the idea of tanning topless during the summer. The sun is known to accelerate skin aging by reducing skin collagen. In addition, the chest is an extremely sensitive part of the body and deserves protection from the sun. So, if you are followers of plunging necklines when temperatures are rising, consider applying a suitable sunscreen to your chest.

6. Choosing a bra to its size

Depending on the body changes, you need to choose a bra that suits you. Thus, if you lose weight and continue to wear the same lingerie, your chest will not be supported as it should. Also, if you wear a bra that is too tight to highlight your chest, it could sag it over the long term.

7. Keep a good posture

A good posture also contributes to the maintenance of a beautiful chest. It is advisable not to stand with your back bent but to keep your back straight by opening the chest. Some sports disciplines such as yoga help improve posture and tighten the breasts, as suggested by Carole Marquand, yoga teacher.