Discover a brand of sexy and ecological lingerie

Today, we wanted to talk to you about ecology, feminine beauty and fashion at the same time, combined in one product! Would it be unimaginable to be sexy and ecological at the same time? We affirm that it is possible with the first ecological lingerie brand “Do You Green”. She offers lingerie made of recycled pine wood.

Making soft underwear with pines

If you are one of those who think that putting a natural pine in your home for Christmas is a whim that goes against nature, you will be happy to know that many pine trees that adorn the houses in France this year, will end up being clothes of desire thanks to this initiative.

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The idea of creating an ecological lingerie line came from the designer Sophie Young , who looked for a useful way to enjoy used pines and discovered that they could be transformed into a soft, durable and delicate fabric.

Soft, comfortable and no bad smell.

This first finding came out of Do You Green, the first line of organic underwear for men and women . The result is a soft fabric at least as much as silk, but as comfortable as cotton. A quality couple that does not stop in such a good way since lingerie has for other very pleasant characteristic not to absorb sweat no retain bad odors.

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Or get undergarment made in France

Unfortunately, we do not find this brand of high quality lingerie in department stores. You can go on their site to learn a little more about their different products.

A good fashion shopping plan that we can give you takes you to the Frog Avenue shop. It is an online sales site specializing in undergarments made in France, clothing, and other accessories that all have in common to be made artisanal and French . Frog Avenue offers Do You Green underwear, so go see and maybe you’ll find other French clothes that will seduce you.