Direct Squirrel — Savings Bank

To enable its customers to easily view their accounts from their smartphone, tablet or computer, Caisse d’Epargne has set up Direct E cureuil , a quick and efficient tool where you can discover in a few clicks the general state of your finances.

Find out what Direct Ecureuil is at Caisse d’Epargne, what services are offered by remote banking, how to connect to your Ecureuil direct customer area and what to do if you have difficulty accessing your Caisse d’Epargne accounts.

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What is direct squirrel?

The Caisse d’Epargne, to designate its remote banking service, has created Direct Ecureuil, a service that allows you to consult your accounts opened at Caisse d’Epargne free of charge without having to go to a bank agency.

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By accessing your Direct E areavia your customer ID and password, you get precise answers to your questions: is the balance in your account banking? , “What are the latest transactions debited from your account,” how do I transfer from your chequing account to your booklet A? ” etc.

By consulting its accounts on Direct Ecureuil , you avoid unnecessary travel to an agency since from your mobile or computer, you are informed in real time of your financial situation.

If you have any questions, you can contact your bank advisor via email, phone or chat.

You have 3 ways to access Direct Squirrel:

Direct Squirrel on your mobile

To quickly access your Caisse d’Epargne accounts from your mobile , you must first download the Direct Ecureuil Savings Box app from itune, Google play, Window phone, Blackberry or Apple store.

Tip: At the time of your search, call “ DIRECT ECUREUIL ” and not “ DIRECT ECUREUIL ” or “ DIRECT ECUREUIL ”. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to download the application or you will download an application that does not match that of the Caisse d’Epargne.

Once you have dial “ squirrel direct application de la caisse d’Epargne ”, enter your personal code and click on Validate to download.

From then on, you can enter your customer ID and password to view all your accounts (bank accounts, savings accounts, security accounts, etc.) opened at Caisse d’Epargne.

Squirrel live on the Internet

On the Internet via your PC or desktop, you can alsoaccess your savings accounts via Direct Ecureuil .

Here are the steps to follow to access Direct Ecureuil via internet:

  • Turn on your computer and connect to the Internet
  • Via a search engine (Gooogle, Bing or Yahoo), call “ access my accounts directly ecureuil ”. Especially do not write “ direct ecureuil ” because you risk being misdirected.
  • Click on the link provided by the savings bank.
  • Finally, fill in your username and password.

Squirrel direct by phone

Squreuil direct advisors are at your disposal by phone for any questions relating to the management of your bank account, your savings, your loans or even to make an appointment with your banker in an agency.

To contact Direct Ecureuil Customer Relations, call 0 825 800 825(€0.15 incl. VAT) or the number short: 32 41 (0.15€ TTC per min) on your mobile or landline phone.

To ensure that the Caisse d’Epargne telemarketer can easily access your file, bring your 10-digit customer ID and your 8-digit PIN code.

This way, telephone communication will be secure and the advisor will be able to provide you with all the information you want by phone.

What are the characteristics of your Personal Space Direct squirrel?

Everything is practically at hand via Direct Squirrel. You almost become your own banker because the app is designed to give you full control of your online account.

Caisse d’Epargne wanted to allow all its clients to quickly and easily consult all their accounts on Direct Ecureuil whether it is a savings account, an account current, loans (real estate or personal) etc.

What services do Direct Ecureuil offer?

  • Find out the balance of your bank account.
  • Make a transfer from an immediate or deferred account.
  • Know the upcoming withdrawals.
  • Know the limits of your credit card.
  • Order a checkbook.
  • Print a bank identification statement.
  • Track the history of debit card payments from your chequing account.
  • Opposition on your payment methods quickly.
  • Track the progress of your consumer loans and/or your real estate loans (find out the amount of your maturity, the remaining capital of the loan, the date of the next maturity, etc.).
  • Refund the izicarte reserve in advance if necessary.
  • View your securities account: place an order, see your stock wallet, etc.).
  • Consult your life insurance policy: possibility to make a free payment, make an arbitration, view your capital gains.
  • Access your car insurance, home insurance, ATM, family warranty, emergency warranty, funeral insurance contract, etc. and make quotes online.
  • Modify your personal data.
  • Get 10 years of archiving of your account statements.
  • Contact your savings bank advisor by email.
  • Search for a debit or credit transaction using online statements.

How to access your Caisse d’Savings Direct Ecureuil Client Area?

To go to your Caisse d’Epargne Direct Ecureuil, it is essential that you have an internet connection but also your customer ID and your code PINE.

Please note that your Personal Direct Ecureuil code is confidential and should never be disclosed to any third party at the risk of hacking you all your bank accounts.

To request your login codes at Caisse d’Epargne , you can make an online request by visiting the official website of your bank or by calling 3241 by asking the advisor to send you your credentials by mail to go to Direct Ecureuil.

Last possibility: meet your Caisse d’Epargne advisor by going to the agency nearest you and ask him to modify your Direct Ecureuil accesses.

Connect to Direct Squirrel for the first time

If you are a new Caisse d’Epargne client and would like to consult your bank account on Direct Ecureuil , take your account contract issued by your advisor at opening your cheque account.

Logically, you will find your customer ID and password given during the appointment.

Then go to the Caisse d’Epargne website and click on “Access to accounts”. Then enter your 10-digit ID using the numeric keypad. All you need to do is click on each digit.

Finally, dial your PIN code and validate.

Forgot your customer ID

You don’t remember your Caisse d’Epargne ID card and wonder how to get it back?

Don’t panic, your customer ID is visible on each of your bank statements, at the top left, just below your personal details.

However, if you no longer receive your paper account statements, your customer ID will be visible on a remote banking contract.

As a last resort, go to a bank with your ID card and ask the reception manager: “ What is your customer identification number that allows you to log in to Direct Ecureuil?

” You have lost your personal password

If you no longer know your password, click on “ forgotten PIN ” and ask your Caisse d’Epargne agency by email or phone to send you a new password.

You can also go to your bank and ask to print a new personal code. Take a proof of identity otherwise your application will be refused.

Problem logging in to your account on Direct Ecureuil: Why?

Sometimes, despite the different connection attempts, it may be difficult for you to go to Direct ECureuil and check the status of your accounts. Why?

Here are some explanations that help you understand why you are denied access to your Direct Ecureuil Caisse d’Epargne accounts :

1st explanation: the browsing data of your browser (chrome, safari, firefox…) is saturated.

Simply clear the cookies on your computer as well as the browsing history by accessing the settings.

2nd explanation: You are browsing the Internet Explorer.

It is possible that Caisse d’Epargne does not appear in the list of sites in “Compatibility View” mode. In this case, go to the website of the caisse d’Epargne, a procedure to put in place is provided to you.

3rd explanation: Your numeric keypad is disabled.

Sometimes your numeric keypad is not active and blocks your connection to your savings bank account. Simply press NUM LOCK to activate it.

4th explanation: Your Caisse d’Epargne advisor has not activated your remote banking access, which prevents you from going to Direct Ecureuil.

Contact them by email, phone or by visiting your bank branch.

How to make a transfer to your Caisse d’Epargne Direct Ecureuil bank account?

One of the most commonly used features on direct squirrel is the ability to transfer from an account to an account (from your savings book to your bank account) or from a Caisse d’Epargne to an account opened in a competing bank immediately or deferred.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Visit the official website of the Caisse d’Epargne
  2. Enter your customer ID and password
  3. Click on “ Make a bank transfer ” under the summary of your account.
  4. Select the account to be debited, and then select the account to be credited. Enter the amount you wish to transfer, the wording of the transfer and the effective date of the transfer (immediate transfer, deferred transfer, permanent transfer)
  5. Confirm by clicking “ continue
  6. Then you will see a summary of the requested transfer, just click “ continue ” and then “ confirm ”.

Here, you now know exactly what is the procedure to follow to make a transfer of Caisse d’Epargne from your DirectCureuilregion .