Decor ideas for your professional office

Today, over a week, the time spent in the office is quite large. So, to optimize your office and work corner, as much embark on a nice decoration that looks like you. Working at home will be even more a pleasure by incorporating a minimum of personal decoration. We give you some design and layout ideas for your home office space.

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  • Customize your office space
  • The choice of colors
  • Your office space and your decor
  • The choice of luminaires
  • Make office decor DIY
  • Plants on the desk: zen attitude
  • Posters and posters: temporary decor
  • Install a light box with messages
  • Deco office: have fun

Customize your office space

Customizing your office space is important. It’s a place where you spend time and also reflects who you are. Often, one is tempted to depersonalize and make your office corner neutral, in order to promote concentration.

However, it is important to know that being “good” in your office space, with its benchmarks, is one of the strongest motivation criteria for working at home. Because your personality and tastes can be expressed via the decoration and some tips of layout and design, we guide you on all the possibilities of customizing your professional office corner.

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Choosing colors

Which colors to choose for your professional workspace? An office space must be purified in terms of patterns, so as not to overload the brain visually speaking.

It is important to opt for tones that blend with each other, without hue shock. Adhesives are perfect for this kind of Very accurate decoration. Whether for a divider, filing cabinets, sorters or shelves, redo your office decoration in accordance with your tastes.

Apple green, fuchsia, yellow and grey, white and gray, sober or with a camaieu of blue… Everything is possible to give life to your office space decor.. However, avoid bright red, which can strain your eyes in the long run, and promote nervousness.

Your office space and your decor

Because you will be forced to sit at your desk often, it is important not to completely cut off with your personal reality. Customizing your office space at home goes through small details that make sense.

Your favorite mug, a photo frame, objects that remind you of friends or places… A slightly personalized decoration is enough to give that little touch that will make you smile from the morning, without to overdo it.

The choice of luminaires

To work well, it is essential tohave good light. When rethinking the layout of your office area, think already about the decor you will choose for the lamps. Choosing a nice design luminaire can strongly influence the way you work.

Avoid very impersonal neon lighting: they promote stress! In addition, to maximize the light potential of the place that will serve you as your office at home, you can install a DIY decorative mirror that will bring a touch of clarity and openness.

Making DIY Office Decor

And to perfect the decoration of your professional office space at home, prefer DIY (Do It Yourself). By taking the time to review the layout of your work area, you give time to your workspace: it’s less a constraint.

By gluing, for example, colored adhesives with the color and shape arrangements you want, you give back peps to this place that is often associated with the assignment (and homework!).

Plants on the desktop: zen attitude

Finally, if everything is perfectly tidy and decorated following your layout and decor ideas, do not forget about plants. A well-placed plant on a desk promotes calm and concentration . It also removes, depending on the plant you choose, and brings a highly appreciated touch of nature.

Your office corner will be much less cold, it will even take a warm air by adding one or two potted plants on shelves.

Posters and posters: the temporary decoration

On your desk there is the basic decoration, the one that does not move. There is also temporary decoration, the one that will change from week to week, for example.

Feel free to glean leaflets of events that interest you both at the professional level but also at the personal level. You can also install a board on which you can hang a few signs.

Make yourself a painting of inspiration and motivation : these small paintings are fashionable and allow you to find your most inspiring quotes to keep the motivation from Monday morning to Friday night.

Install a message light box

A light box can also be used to decorate your desk if you have the place. Every week, change the message and make it a ritual that will only benefit the way you work on a daily basis.

With its letters and symbols, the light box is playful , funny and it gives want to go to work. This parameter can make a smile, but sometimes, as we all know, the motivation of Monday morning is random…

Office Deco: Indulge

The most important criterion to remember is to treat yourself and respect one’s own tastes for an office decor. Keep in mind that you spend at least 40 hours a week sitting at your desk, not on the go.

Do not skimp on the importance of the pleasant side of an office space at home. Redo with pleasure the design and design of your office to be more productive in everyday life.