Deco: industrial style in loft

Are you in an apartment or in a house and you want to redo the decoration? The industrial style is very trendy and can be applied in a loft space, for example. We give you all our decorative tips to remake the style of your decoration in industrial fashion.

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  • Industrial style: a trendy decor
  • Redo your decoration with some cheap tricks
    • Find steel beams
    • Bricks: the heart of industrial style
    • A workshop canopy and cement
    • A beautiful parquet
    • Faux concrete walls

Industrial style: a very trendy decor

In recent years, the industrial style has been a great success, especially in the area of renovation of old apartments . By reviewing the layout of an apartment or even a house, it is possible to create a very open and airy loft space.

Add to this touches of industrial decor and you have a living place transformed into a hyper modern and pleasant place in terms of space. The brand new industrial loft is quite coveted but not accessible to any budget. Investing in an industrial-style loft is often a luxury that everyone may not necessarily afford.

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So, how to create his industrial loft style decor in an apartment or house without going to break the piggy bank? There are some tips to know how to transfigure your living place into a state-of-the-art industrial super loft. Adopt with us this style of decoration and this industrial look so appreciated for its offbeat side.

Redo its decoration with some inexpensive tricks

Industrial style doesn’t necessarily have to cost you the eyes of your head. In interior decoration, Prices can quickly rise according to the fashion, trends of the moment… That said, you can quite get away with some decorative tricks .

If you have planned not only decorating industrial style, you can quite decide to embark on large works of opening non-load-bearing walls. By reviewing the layout of your apartment or home, you give yourself every chance to get a great result with your new industrial style decor.

Find Steel Beams

Steel beams are very classy to start imagining your industrial style decor. Metal is indeed the material of the industrial loft par excellence. Cold but classy, it makes its effect and notices at the outset. For example, an IPN can be used to create an open kitchen .

The wall that separates a living room from a Kitchen is usually a simple partition and not a bearing wall, which simplifies the ache. So you can place a beam or a metal joist in it to create a new space. The space is open but it is delimited at the same time, in a fairly recognizable style. The industrial side of your open kitchen will make a splash!

False beams also exist if you do not want to bother with real metal.

Bricks: the heart of industrial style

When you think industrial loft style, we think of course large airy living space, but we also think metal and brick. After the metal beam, industrial brick invites itself into our interiors to create a unique style that blends perfectly with the large space created by the opening of the loft.

No need to go break a wall to remake it with real bricks to have the industrial style decoration of which you dream so much. A simple imitation brick wallpaper can very well the trick. You can also opt for facing brick in terracotta , white, grey or even the color that will fit well with your decor.

A workshop canopy and cement

Whether you choose it in wood or steel, the canopy has its charm for your industrial style decoration. Wood will be significantly cheaper. And if you need to remake a deco fast and effective, know that there is even canopy wallpaper: the must!

Cement, meanwhile, adds a rustic and raw side that is very appreciable. Install cement tiles on the floor, in a kitchen or in the bathroom, and you’ll have your decor and industrial style all found. The design wants today to find table, paintings and decorative objects made with cement.

A beautiful

For the ultimate in your home decor at the top of the trend, remember that having metal, wood, brick and glass in your industrial style loft can also be complemented by a pretty old wooden floorparquet .

And here too, all budgets can be delighted. Laminate, vinyl slabs, solid wood parquet… There is something for everyone. Redo your decor in style by opting for all these offbeat materials in a modern apartment or home .

Imitation concrete walls

If you want to avoid white and classic walls, nothing prevents you from reviewing the design of the walls by applying plasters and paints with raw concrete effects. Colours exist, but in order not to overload the industrial design and let your loft breathe, one advice: do not overdo it with the colors.

With all our advice, You are ready to revise the style of your apartment or home by incorporating interior design elements worthy of a New York loft. With your new decoration reminiscent of the 30s or the industrial era, you redesign your interior with taste while giving it a unique character .

Do not forget that interior decoration is not reserved for the laying of design!