Deco: how to dress up your sofa ?

A little tired of decorating your living room? Did you know that by simply changing the look of your sofa, your living room can take a fresh look? For all our salon decor tips and to know how to properly dress up your sofa, it’s here.

Reviving your couch with a makeover

Sometimes we get tired of the look of our living room. When you see her, we want and need a little change. Instead of redoing all the decoration, why not embark on a simple sofa makeover? This solution allows you to make large Savings and have fun remakeover a sofa, something that is a priori quite unusual.

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Many people decide to change all their living room decoration. Carpet, sofa, dining table, armchairs… Anything can go through it. Unfortunately, it has a price and not everyone is able to afford such a change of decoration.

So choose the economical solution to dress up your sofa. You will enjoy it and you will be satisfied with the result with few means. We immediately explain how to dress up the decor and your sofa from head to head.

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The cover on a makeover sofa

The cover is the classic. To dress up a sofa, nothing like a cover that will immediately bring freshness, new, color or on the contrary, sobriety. Depending on the condition of your living room and the tones you have Choosing before, dressing a sofa with a nice new cover can quite do the trick.

If you have been accustomed to a sober living room, opt for the cover of colors or even for patterns. A sofa needs to “live”: this is the central element of your living room , so do not skimp on the effort to make it makeover.

Conversely, if your living room was rather filled with colors and your eyes have become tired with force, opting for sobriety will be a good choice. You will somehow benefit from a new living room for the simple price of a cover.

DIY fabric sofa cover

To go further in totally remakeover your sofa and living room, do not hesitate to embark on DIY. Even make yourself your sofa cover! With recovery fabric or new fabric, everything is within your reach. Why not dare a fabric that you would not necessarily have chosen in the first place? When you change the decor, you need a new breath . Renewal comes by leaving its comfort zone, it is well known. Linen, cotton, metis fabric… The fabric will make all the difference as well as its style.

Add cushions: the nice touch

Who says couch says cushions. By simply changing the cushions on your couch, you give it back life and you do not get tired. You can choose to do both, of course. Dress up both the sofa by dressing it with a cover, and by attaching nice cushions to radically change the decor of the living room.

Cushions can take several shapes, styles, multiple patterns and even several textures. It’s up to you to see if the cushions you need bring enough freshness and renewal to the living room. Choose your Cushions based on your old cushions: the style must change if you really want to dress up your living room and sofa.

Buying or making cushions or pillowcases/covers yourself requires careful thinking about how to dress up your sofa and living room. First think about remakeover the sofa itself before thinking about accessories.

Changing the feet of his sofa

To dress up a sofa from feet to head, well… There are the feet of the sofa to make up! Yes, it’s quite possible. Opt for bold shapes and styles. Modern, contemporary, Scandinavian and sleek wooden foot… There are many ways to change the atmosphere of a living room with a few small details that matter.

Add a little colour to the feet of your sofa: the unusual and colourful touch that is noticeable right away. If your interior and your living room are rather sober, the arrival of color will be welcome. Be careful not to overload the new decor , at the risk of getting tired quickly.

Install a nice blanket

The sofa blanket is the must! A well-chosen plaid, in a fabric and with original patterns, can brighten up quite simply. For summer or winter, opt for plaids to change from time to time. Theharmony of colors and materials , especially with the fabric of the sofa and cushions, is also to be anticipated, to have a beautiful living room brand new and pleasing to the eye.

To perfect the makeover of your sofa, there is also the sofa cover, ideal if the seat of your sofa is a bit damaged. With contrasting colors and materials or fabric that go out of the ordinary, you can dress up your sofa and enhance it at the same time. The sofa cover comes in the form of a large blanket or a very thin mattress and simply stays on the seat of the sofa and dressed beautifully.

You can also buy a sheepskin that will gently brighten up your sofa and living room. With all our tips, you can start remakeover your living room and sofa!

Recolor your sofa.

If your sofa is made of leather, you still have one option before covering it with a cover or dropping it to the dump: that of restoring it a beauty so that it regains colors. For this you can choose:

  • To dye it in another color
  • Recolor it in its original color.

If your leather has cracks, addicts or signs of wear, you will first need to put on a restorative paste and maybe also use a healing that will patch the parts of your leather that are lifted. You will find all the products to renovate your leather on this website. You can also restore flexibility to the leather with a leather softener sofa.

To re-colour your leather, you can choose between a product that applies a brush or sponge, or an aerosol can. If you need a particular shade, you can check their color chart or send a sample of your leather if you have one.

Of course before all these steps, you will definitely have to rid your leather sofa of all these impurities. In the end, you can also pass a protective varnish or wax.