Deco: create your Zen bathroom

Want a zen atmosphere at the top? Creating your totally zen bathroom will go through small decor adjustments that are really worth it to be set up. You will create a little zen paradise thanks to your tips and our decor ideas. Follow the guide!

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  • Zen into the bathroom
  • Cocooning, calm, softness and serenity
  • Our zen tips for a unique decor
    • Ranger and Purify
    • Nature and light in the heart of Zen
    • Colors reminiscent of nature
    • Natural materials
    • Plants special bathroom
  • The modern and the contemporary associated with Zen
    • Accessories: for a zen atmosphere at its peak
  • Harmony and lightness
    • Opt for black, wood and sobriety

Zen into the bathroom

Zen is a philosophy of life that many unaware. We often hear about it without knowing too much what it is about. This art of living comes straight to us from the countries of Asia and especially from Japan. Inspired by nature and calm, Japanese-style Zen translates here in the West by deco conducive to calm and relaxation .

How to create your Zen decor inspired by the real Japanese method? Serenity is a happiness that many seek to have at the heart of their interior. Our fast and overloaded lives mean that we need to take a well-deserved break from time to time.

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The bathroom is one of those places that will naturally be able to be adapted to a Zen atmosphere . With a bathtub, some well-chosen decor elements and styles to adapt, you can get a real Zen bathroom.

Cocooning, calm, sweetness and serenity

The zen invites itself to our bathroom. At the end of a big day’s work, it is permissible and even recommended to relax and go towards real relaxation of the body. The bathroom once had the only function of allowing us to wash. Today, it’s much more!

We release our tensions accumulated during the day, we forget about work and worries, we throw ourselves open arms in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and relaxation. These moments should be mandatory to promote the well-being and calm of everyone! That’s why we encourage you to make your bathroom a real Zen bathroom thanks to our tips, tricks and decor ideas.

Our Zen tips for a unique decor

To take care of yourself and to be sure to create a perfect atmosphere to relax, start by thinking to the color of the walls in the bathroom. Is it conducive to relaxation ? Is the style clean enough? By clearing visual overload and adapting the materials of your bathroom, you will already be involved in making it much more conducive to cam and relaxation.

Store and clean

To create a zen and relaxing atmosphere, nothing like a tidy bathroom without visual overload. Find storage for each item and leave as few things as possible in visu.

By cleansing space and gaze, the mind and body can really relax. Your bathroom should always be spotlessly tidy and as clean as possible. The tidy and clean look makes you have nothing that bothers you when you enter the bathroom. Everything is stored outside and everything is so necessarily a little tidy inside of you!

So bet on quality storage, made of the most natural and sober materials possible.

Nature and light in the heart of Zen

Nature is very important in Zen. If you decide to change paint or materials, give preference to colors, materials and tones that remind nature. Because nature is truly one of the important pillars of the Zen philosophy of life , it must be able to be palpable in your bathroom, failing to be in the middle of nature…

In terms of light, if your bathroom is bathed in light, take advantage of this brightness and do not block the arrival of light. If on the contrary the bathroom is not very bright, then give preference to a luminaire that does not interfere with the eye and non-aggressive lighting.

In order to find lighting Perfect for your zen atmosphere, test with light bulbs and lampshades. Wood and bamboo are ideal for a natural and harmonious shade.

Colors reminiscent of nature

White, grey, black, green or blue are perfect to recall the elements and promote the arrival of fullness. Imagine yourself in your bath, surrounded by these natural hues that transport you in the softness of relaxation and zen…

Harmony must be the key word of your Zen bathroom. In hues and colors, the same applies. You can make slight color reminders, but keep the conductive thread of a sober and pure color.

Natural materials

For materials, opt for mineral, not artificial. Any material used for a basin, bathtub, wall or floor tile, must remind wood, stone or mineral matter .

Again, there are many possibilities in design and you will find your happiness in the decoration and DIY shops in order to really create your zen bathroom from any room.

With light or even dark wood well protected and made for the bathroom, you can even add a relaxing “Scandinavian” side. In any case, wood and stone must be able to see each other in order to spread this special atmosphere.

Special plants bathroom

And since nature has its place in Zen, you are advised to install in your bathroom small moisture-loving plants. Need ideas to brighten up this damp room?

Plants that please in bathrooms are easily found in florists or in the trade.

The modern and the contemporary associated with zen

If you really want to redo your bathroom in Zen mode, then the layout will have design elements. The naturalness and the sober are not enough. Your bathroom shouldn’t look too rustic and authentic. Zen also goes through the simple aspect of modern and contemporary design .

With clean and graphic lines , you can find furniture that exactly matches your expectations in terms of furniture.

Choosing the washbasin, bathtub and/ or shower cubicle will be essential to the tone you set your bathroom. If space allows, bet on a bathtub instead of a simple shower cubicle without a bathtub.

Accessories: for a zen atmosphere at its height

Finally, accessories also have all their importance in the decoration of your bathroom. The deco must be uniform , homogeneous, without too many visual eye-catching points.

For a perfect Zen decor, choose accessories that do not stand out too much. A terracotta or marble toothglass, a white design soap dish, a mirror surrounded by bamboo wood, a wall hook with stone pebbles , an acacia laundry basket, or a natural color bath mat.

For cotton, pots made of handmade ceramic or even raku from Japan can do their effect and bring the Japanese and Zen touch. The faucets must be perfect and very design, to keep the side clean and light. Opt for stainless steel and contemporary design. A black marble sink can even be considered to complement the Zen style of your bathroom.

Harmony and lightness

The key to your zen bathroom decor is going to be the harmony that you find and that you will create between all the items cited. It’s not just about combining all the decor tricks of the Zen bathroom, but of creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation .

To perfect the picture, install a frame, candles, pebbles or even branches and foams. To regain all this harmony and lightness when using your bathroom, also choose bath linen that is harmonious with the chosen shades.

Ecru, white, black… After a few uses of your new bathroom with zen decor, you will probably feel the effects. If you do not have a budget, remember that without too much layout you can quite get a beautiful zen decor.

Opt for black, wood and sobriety

Choosing a decoration in shades of black and in Wood materials, for furniture, floor and wall tiles and all accessories can also be a good way to have a zen rendering for your bathroom .

For this, still be sure to balance so as not to make it a room too dark. This Zen bathroom design is especially suitable for rooms that are already well bathed in light. Brightness should be harmonized throughout the entire bathroombathroom.