Cybermut, Crédit Mutuel’s secure payment system

Pay your metro ticket with your phone, pay your water bottle with your “contactless” credit card… Today, all this is quite possible. Indeed, the payment solutions offered by banks are numerous. This is the case of Cybermut, the online payment service of Crédit Mutuel. Here’s what you need to know about this secure solution.

What is Cybermut?

“ Cybermut”, this word can question you, especially if you are a customer of Crédit Mutuel. Cybermut is a payment solution, launched in 1996. This service allows you to pay for your purchases online, securely and confidentially.

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For Crédit Mutuel, the provision of secure services is paramount, as is the protection of its customers’ data. For a simple translation, when a customer makes a purchase on the Internet, Cybermut encrypts the credit card data. This ensures that information is protected and that ill-intentioned people cannot take this valuable data.

How do I subscribe to Cybermut?

Are you sure to wonder how to subscribe to this device that protects your banking information? Be aware that this device is intended for holders of a chequing account or savings book at Crédit Mutuel, so you must be a customer in this bank.

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If you would like to benefit from this system, you can inform your bank advisor. You will then need to complete the necessary documents to subscribe to Cybermut. If you are not available to move directly to the bank, you will be able to make the electronic signature to save time.

How does Cybermut work?

You want details? Well, that’s normal. When we use our credit card to pay, in-store or online, we all hope not to be in danger. This means securing our transactions and protecting our data.

Thanks to Cybermut and SSL (Secure Socket Layer), compatible with all web browsers, you can pay securely.

By subscribing to this service, you will discover that Cybermut triggers automatically when you use your credit card online. When you pay for your “shopping cart”, you will be automatically redirected to the Crédit Mutuel Cybermut page.

On this page, you will need to fill in Your credit card information. This corresponds to the 16 digits of your card, the pictogram (3-digit code) and the expiration date.

In a second stage, the treatment will be carried out by the bank. Crédit Mutuel will then accept payment on the merchant website.

Does Cybermut fully protect transactions?

What should be remembered is that your bank details are never exposed, at any time! The transaction takes place only between you and Crédit Mutuel. All your information is encrypted and no credit card numbers are stored on the Internet. So the online store can’t recover your data… And cybercriminals won’t be able to do it either!

Indeed, you don’t have to be afraid of being hacked because it is impossible to retrieve your bank details. Thanks to the SSL protocol, cybercriminals have no chance of taking them from you!

What are the other features of Cybermut?

Beyond a simple way to pay online in a totally secure way, the Crédit Mutuel device offers other features that are very interesting for its customers.

  • Overflow Alert: When you exceed your authorized overdraft, the bank sends you an SMS to notify you.
  • Access Crédit Mutuel: you can easily access and subscribe to all Crédit Mutuel’s offers and services. Contact your bank advisor: You can easily contact your bank advisor to inquire or make an appointment.
  • Personalize your account: You can customize your account and access it directly from your smartphone or computer.
  • View your transactions: You can also view your accounts and your transactions in real time. Manage your transfers: You can manage all your transfers between your accounts and to accounts in France, Europe or to countries outside the European Union.
  • Other services: You can also order a new checkbook or item if you lose your credit card.

Cybermanagement, a tool to manage your accounts

At the same time, and if you are a client of Crédit Mutuel, you can benefit from a valuable tool called Cybergestion. This free management software allows you to manage your accounts well. It offers you the ability to calculate your expenses and income. It also allows you to better understand how to save money by getting a detailed report every month, or over a defined period of time. This device also allows you to download your account statements and access the history of all your transactions. This tool Complementary is a great way to manage your money well!