Converting a vehicle to bioethanol with an ethanol kit

Are you planning to convert to bioethanol on your vehicle? Bioethanol, also known as superethanol or ethanol E85, is an environmentally friendly fuel that can be used by installing an ethanol kit on your vehicle. We explain everything about the conversion box that will allow your vehicle to ride with E85 ethanol.

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  • What is bioethanol or ethanol E85?
  • What type of vehicle can work on bioethanol?
    • I have a rather old vehicle: can I convert it to bioethanol?
  • Converting your vehicle to bioethanol
  • What is an ethanol box or bioethanol kit made of?
  • How to install an E85 ethanol kit on your vehicle?
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What is bioethanol or ethanol E85?

Bioethanol or superethanol E85 is a fuel Eco-friendly, which has many advantages:

  • Bioethanol pollutes the planet less;
  • This environmentally friendly fuel does not use the fossil resources of the earth and thus preserve the environment;
  • This fuel costs significantly less to produce than fossil fuels such as oil;
  • Ethanol E85 gives you a cleaner engine, and can even make it silent;
  • This fuel does not require the use of distant resources, since ethanol is produced in France, in accordance with the country’s wishes for energy independence;
  • Superethanol costs you much cheaper at the pump and will drastically lower the bill at the gas station;
  • The cost price per kilometre of bioethanol defies competition: why not take the course?

With its many advantages, bioethanol can not however not be used on any vehicle.

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What type of vehicle can work on bioethanol?

The bioethanol and the E85 ethanol kit are not adaptable to any type of vehicle. That said, the ethanol case can be installed very simply with a few small concepts of mechanics . Anyone can embark on the conversion of their vehicle to bioethanol. We will explain in more detail what type of vehicle is compatible with a conversion to bioethanol.

First of all, it is imperative to know that a diesel engine vehicle is incompatible with bioethanol or superethanol. Indeed, only vehicles with a petrol engine will be able to undergo conversion to bioethanol.

Any 4-stroke gasoline engine can work with the eco-friendly bioethanol fuel. That said, any type of petrol vehicle is not adaptable to bioethanol. For example, if you own a vehicle model with carburettor, you must first make a change in the diameter of the main nozzle.

This is intended to make the vehicle adaptable to superethanol, but it will subsequently make it impossible to use super unleaded petrol.

I have a rather old vehicle: can I convert it to bioethanol?

If you have a fairly old vehicle running with a gasoline engine, make sure that the fuel hoses are changed. More resistant hoses will be installed and will be able to receive bioethanol.

The gasoline pump membranes of your vehicle must also be changed to be suitable for use with bioethanol. In addition, valve seats must be replaced if you are riding with an old gasoline vehicle. As an example, when the super leaded was dethroned by the lead-free super, the same modifications were made on the car models.

Converting your vehicle to bioethanol

Here are for you in detail the models of cars that can receive the installation of an ethanol kit E85:

  • Any vehicle registered after 1991 is able to operate on bioethanol;
  • Your vehicle must be a direct injection motor vehicle;
  • You can safely install a bioethanol kit on your gasoline direct injection vehicle if it was registered after 2000;
  • If the hoses are old on some models, they will have to be changed to stronger ones with suitable rubber (models marketed between 1991 and 2000);
  • On newer models, no handling is required except for the installation of the bioethanol conversion box on the vehicle;
  • As early as the 2000s, car manufacturers adapted to the presence of bioethanol on the market and began to adapt the quality and composition of their hoses;

Today in France, it should be noted that all gasoline marketed already contains ethanol in greater or lesser proportion.

What is an ethanol box or bioethanol kit made of?

An E85 ethanol kit consists of only a few pieces. Its installation on your vehicle is all the more easier. In your bioethanol kit you will find an electronic box, an electrical harness connecting to the injectors of your vehicle, a temperature probe (according to the model of bioethanol case) and a leaflet installation of the kit.

In order to best meet your request, when searching for an E85 ethanol box or kit, the type of vehicle will be requested, as well as the year of marketing of your car. This audit makes it possible to take no risk with respect to the initiative of an E85 ethanol kit installation.

How to install an E85 ethanol kit on your vehicle?

The installation of an E85 ethanol kit is very simple. If you are unsure about handling, ask a professional to set up the conversion of your vehicle to superethanol. The installation of an E85 ethanol kit is done in a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you are embarked on this facility on your own, follow the steps below to install your E85 ethanol kit on your petrol vehicle:

  • The vehicle shall be stationary and the engine as coldest as possible.
  • Open the vehicle cover and remove the engine cover if the vehicle has one;
  • Be sure to locate the injectors on your vehicle;
  • Disconnect the power plugs from your injectors;
  • Take the plugs from the superethanol case and connect them to the injectors;
  • The original harness plugs can then be connected to the plugs of your superethanol housing;
  • The ground wire of the E85 ethanol housing can then be connected to the minus (-) pole of the vehicle battery;
  • Reposition the engine cover, close the hood: and you have just finished putting your ethanol box with your kit.

Depending on the ethanol kit dealer you choose, the connection plugs may not be connected to the bundle of your E85 ethanol box. If so, quickly locate the most ( ) injector power supply and then Connect them to the beam of your bioethanol box . Depending on the models, the most injector supply is on the right or left.

Now you know everything you need to know about this non-fossil fuel and how to install a buioethanol kit on your vehicle. Opting for flexfuel technology and converting to super ethanol is a step towards preserving and protecting the environment.

Do not hesitate and discover for yourself all the benefits of bioethanol without further ado. Your bill at the pump and gas station will be felt quickly.

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