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world’s leading free video streaming site, Youtube offers billions of free video clips and music . Many people are tempted by the free download on youtube which allows you to simply recover mp3 files from music. That’s why youtube mp3 and mp4 converters The have enjoyed such a success in recent years. Their use and operation, however, raise many questions that we will discuss in detail in this article.

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Stream ripping: what is a Youtube converter?

What is a YouTube Converter?

A YouTube Converter is an application, software or website accessible through an Internet browser. It converts a YouTube video in mp3 or mp4 format, so it is available on your PC withouta connection. We are also talking about flow tear to refer to this practice.

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To use it, simply paste the URL of a youtube video, then click the download button in mp3 or mp4. On the best youtube converters, you can even choose the quality of the file before downloading it. You can download free videos and music from Youtube .

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The files obtained after conversion will be stored on the PC, tablet or phone and you can view or listen to them unlimited and free of charge without advertising. In this case, you must provide enough space to accommodate the converted video (s). There are many converters in line that are very easy to use and are free .

Why use a YouTube Converter?

Depending on the quality of the video you want to watch, you will consume a certain amount of data. By streaming videos on YouTube, you need to make sure you have enough data. Otherwise, you will quickly reach your subscription limits. By converting a YouTube video to mp3, you save your data : a download doesn’t consume as much as a streaming view. In addition, you keep the file in your PC, smartphone or tablet and you can see it as many times as you want, without being connected .

The great advantage of stream-ripping is also that you don ‘t need to watch youtube ads to watch video downloaded as mp4 or converted to mp3. However, this is a legal issue , but we will come back afterwards.

What file formats are uploaded via a YouTube converter?

Most YouTube converters offer mp4 format if you want to keep the video. If you want to switch to the audio version and keep only the sound, the mp3 format is available for music. Mp4 or Mp3, these formats are played by most devices, whether it’s a Windows, Apple or Android computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, they make the weight of the file optimal. They do not take up too much storage space.

Tutorial: how to download a video or MP3 from Youtube without software?

The method of downloading a video or MP3 from Youtube without using any software is therefore very simple via a website offering ayoutube URL converter . To understand how to do this, watch the video below which explains step by step the method of downloading on youtube .

What is the best youtube converter of the moment?

Below is a quick overview of the 10 best youtube converters of the moment . These are the ones that are not (yet) blocked by google and are the most reliable you can use.

YouTubemp3-YouTube.Download: YouTube Mp3 Converter

Mp3 Youtube is a free online youtube converter that allows you to download youtube video to mp3 file. YouTube MP3 and YouTube MP4 Converter

NoTube is a free multiformat YouTube converter. Just use the best free and fast MP3 converter to download videos and turn them into mp3 format. fast and easy youtube converter for mp3 videos

Need a fast and powerful youtube mp3 converter? Youtube Converter is the solution. It converts videos from YouTube for free to mp3. It differs from its competitors by an interface with a worked design. Online Youtube to mp3 converter

You can convert YouTube videos to mp3 format instantly without having to copy links to other portals. It also offers extensions for chrome and Firefox browsers. a fast YouTube to MP3 converter

How to use Flvto YouTube Downloader MP3? This site gives you the perfect way to convert YouTube videos and audios online. convert MP3s from YouTube

How to convert videos YouTube in MP3? 1. Insert a YouTube keyword or URL into the search. 2. Choose MP3 format or format… YouTube to MP3 Converter, MP4

This converter allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos on your mobile phone, PC, TV… How to convert a YouTube video? Nothing simpler everything is explained! Youtube to MP3 or MP4 Converter

FLVTO-MP3 is a free online Youtube converter that allows you to download high-quality MP3 and MP4 files. A simple, fast and high-efficiency converter! Download and Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

This other YouTube MP3 converter allows you to convert and download videos from YouTube to MP3 and MP4 for free and without limit. Download Youtube Mp4

Youtube Mp4 is one of the easiest and fastest youtube converter to download youtube video in mp4 format.

Is it legal to use a Youtube converter?

The answer to the question about the legality of the video depends on both your location and the content you want to convert . Anywhere, if you intend to share or sell them, it’s illegal because you violate civil law with Google. As long as you do not use converted files for commercial purposes, conversion may be legal for some files , provided they are royalty-free.

What Google Terms of Use Say

For Google, it’s simple, he wants the content on YouTube is not downloaded. On the one hand, it is to protect the rights of owners. On the other hand, it is also a matter of protecting an advertising gain potential linked to listening. Indeed, once you convert the video and view it with another player, you are no longer the target of the ads it contains. Downloading a video from YouTube is therefore a violation of the YouTube Terms of Use . This is clearly stated:

You may not access, reproduce, upload, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, modify, modify or otherwise use the Service or the Content in whole or in part.

Therefore, in accordance with their terms of use, you are not allowed to view videos YouTube from external sources other than Google apps. However, Google makes its videos available freely, so that this rule remains subject to the goodwill of the user Youtube Terms of Use. So Google cannot prevent these Youtube converter apps from appearing on the web and, therefore, the options are many.

What the law says

Converted videos cannot be used for financial purposes. If desired, you must have permission from the copyright owner. If you own copyright, you can download YouTube or any other video content and convert it to MP3. Downloaders themselves provide download links for certain video content. As long as you comply with the conditions mentioned by the downloader, you can legally download the content.

Legal and Copyright Issues Related to the Music Industry

Once you’ve found the right youtube converter, so it’s very easy to quickly build a gigantic media library of MP3 and video clips to take anywhere with you. Indeed, international artists publish much of their music for free on Youtube. You can even find (and download) whole albums very easily! However, if artists freely broadcast their music on Youtube, it is mainly because they hope to earn advertising revenue .

So it’s not because the songs are freely accessible by streaming that you can download them. You must be aware that by doing this, you risk raping the copyright act . You can find more information on this subject on the website of the SASEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers).

Are youtube sites and conversion software illegal?

It’s a complex question… this type of application, in itself, is not illegal. It is our use of it that is illegal. However, it is quite hypocritical for publishers of this type of application to totally ignore what their users are doing with their solution. As a result , complaints are regularly filed and some of these sites disappear.

In 2016, RIAA, IFPI and BPI filed legal action against YouTube-MP3, one of the largest stream extraction servicesat the time. In the end, the conversion site has voluntarily decided to close. Another example recently dated 2019 with the site Convert2MP3 which was forced to close in Germany. A decision following a complaint by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) defending the interests of the music industry in Germany. We can also mention Youzik and others who had to close their doors recently.

In summary, if they are not illegal per se, these services play a legal blur to continue to exist. They are under pressure that causes them to shut down when they are too successful. But they are then quickly moved or replaced by another similar application…

Google Actions to Block Feed Extraction Services

Faced with this legal issue, Google has taken steps to counter flow extraction services. The process is simple, they identify the connections and IP addresses used by this type of service and block them, making them unusable. We have seen well-known sites like DLnowSoft, MP3-YouTube Download and OnlineVideoConverter that have suffered this blockage. The other action is to remove these sites from google search results , which has greatly restricted their access. These actions help slow down some services, but there are always new ones that remain functional and easy to find when you know how to search…

Is there a risk of using a youtube converter?

As a free mp3 music converter allows you to download music illegally, there may be a criminal risk . If you abuse this practice, you can first receive a warning letter from Hadopi, the High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and Protection of Rights on the Internet. In the event of a recurrence, the Internet user may be sued for gross negligence. At the end of the judicial proceedings, he is liable to a fine. The maximum penalty resulting from the Hadopi procedure is a fine of 1500 euros .

But the main risk is to catch computer viruses. Indeed, some sites offering free mp3 conversion tools take advantage of it for you have downloaded malicious files to your computer . If you are ready to take this risk, get a good antivirus first!

Youtube Converter: How does it work?

File hosting and encoding source video on Youtube servers

Once you’re done Downloading your video, Youtube will automatically encode video and sound in different formats and resolutions. Depending on the quality of the original file, your video will be available streaming 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (HD), 1440p (HD), 2160p (4K), see even 4320p (8K). The files are also available in audio format in m4a or webmformat. Your video is encoded in these different formats, which generates as many files. When a user views a video, the default resolution automatically adjusts based on the user’s Internet connection rate. The purpose of the platform is to always provide the best user experience and minimize video loading times.

How to convert the MP3 file related to video?

All the files mentioned above are therefore accessible online. Thesource files are not easily found by the lambda user, but once you know the architecture of hosting Youtube videos, it is veryeasy to find the download links of files from the video ID . It is on this principle that converters use to download the video or audio file. All they have to do is convert the resulting video into an mp3 file that takes a few seconds.

There are several ways to extract audio from YouTube videos :

      • you know how to find the URL of the source video files by yourself and then you do mp3 conversion via software (but this technique is long and complex);
      • install


specialized software on your computer that will download video and convert automatically;

    • add a

browser extension that directly offers a download button as soon as you are on youtube;

  • use awebsite that will do it for you online.

The process of converting youtube mp3 online

There are many websites that incorporate features of online Youtube converters, but all work according to the same principle:

  1. get the link to the Youtube video to download (this link contains the video ID),
  2. download one of the links of the file: Youtube stores m4a or webm audio files on its servers,
  3. call the converter with presets,
  4. and finally, return the final file to the user.

Steps to download mp3 via youtube online converter

The first thing to do is find the video to download. Ideally, it should be of good quality. Click on the video: it will occupy the entire window of your screen. In the link bar, copy the URL of the video.

In another window or tab, open the YouTube Converter website. All online YouTube converters must have an address bar dedicated to receiving YouTube video URLs. Paste the URL of the video you want to download.

After a very short wait time, you have a list of available formats and quality level . Make your choice and start the conversion (each converter normally has a conversion).

Once the conversion is complete, you will be asked in which document you want to save the converted file. Select this destination folder on your PC and validate. Your Mp3 or mp4 file is available on your computer , tablet or smartphone!

What alternatives to Google to find functional YouTube converters?

As mentioned above, Google tends to exclude the most popular Youtube converters from its search engines in order to limit access. There are actually other search engines that are alternative to Google to get audio or video content from Youtube.

  • Bing : it is Google’s main competitor and Microsoft’s search engine. Bing looks like Google on the form. It is appreciated to be more respectful of the privacy of users.
  • Qwant : a French search engine that also respects privacy. He wants fast. In Europe, it is the most widely used search engine. It’s some kind of European Google.
  • Duckduckgo is also a search engine which is an alternative to Google. It is easy to find streaming sites via this engine. Like Qwant, it protects users’ privacy by committing itself not to collect users’ information.
  • Yahoo search is a search engine that has partnered with Microsoft to optimize its results. This combination allows him to use the results of the Bing engine. Its advantage is that it offers about thirty languages. Yahoo search is the solution if you don’t want to use similar search engines Google.
  • Yippy : is a very original meta-motor. Query results are organized by order of relevance and by file. Optimized sorting is performed by the engine and displays a list of folders corresponding to your searches. The Yippy search engine is also very respectful of visitors’ privacy.
  • Startpage is a search engine that is most privacy-friendly. It does not store any information and does not store any of your personal data. For added security, the engine offers a proxy that allows you to work anonymously. It is an image and video oriented engine. Very dynamic, it can be used in 17 languages.
  • DarkSearch : Because Google blocks illegal content such as streaming, it is necessary to go through another search engine. DarkSearch is the first Darkweb search engine that offers this possibility.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube is a video global streaming platform . It allows you to watch videos and listen to music for free via an internet connection.

Downloading and editing videos online

To download a video, YouTube provides you with a YouTube video download tool . You need to create your own chain, configure it, name it and describe it. In addition to classic videos, you can download video captures from your device’s webcam, PowerPoint slideshows or even simple music files.

Youtube even offers internal video editing software quite simple but effective to improve your videos before publishing them. Once downloaded, the video can be edited by adding subtitles, sounds. This video editor made available to videographers makes it easier to edit and improve the image quality . A Creator Studio tool allows you to better manage and improve the rendering of your channel.

Note that for artists or TV channels, YouTube is a strategic support for better visibility and revenue from their video content.

How to find music videos on Youtube?

From the homepage:

It’s the gateway to billions of content. This homepage comes in the form of a video wall. Here you will find video recommendations based on your preferences and the videos you have already watched. You’ll also find the latest videos posted on the channels you follow, as well as suggestions for channels to follow.

Via search engine:

At the top of the page, the search engine allows the user to search for a video. In typing in the search bar, you will receive suggestions. Among these, there will be some that will match your search, even if you have not typed your query completely. These suggestions appear via content indexing, categorization, and Google search. For video creators, it is in their best interest to be the first in YouTube results and to be well referenced on Google.

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Where to find an MP3 youtube converter?

If you are looking for a youtube MP3 converter, you can check out this link MP3 converter. You will be able to convert a video to an MP3 file. You will then have the option to download it and use it whenever you wish. This converter is very easy to use. All you have to do is type the name of the video concerned in the search bar to access the converted file, downloadable quickly.

Feel free to transfer downloaded files to your smartphone or tablet. You will then be able to enjoy all the music offered by youtube. The conversion and download run in a very fast time. Your information and personal data will not be kept by the site. Thanks to the youtube platform, you can pick up all the sounds and clips you want. The conversion takes place in seconds regardless of the content concerned. So you can convert videos, Lives, or content longer than an hour.

If you want to simply get the audio from a concert of your favorite artist, you can do so using the MP3 converter technique. It will then be possible to host the file on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You will even have the option to burn it to a CD so you can listen to it in your vehicle. It should be remembered that converting a video to MP3 may violate copyright laws and that this method should be used sparingly. If you want to quickly get a sound from a video format, you will need to use a youtube converter for MP3.

You will be able to find many tools on the net, but you have to pay attention to the different software that exists. Sometimes there may be links and advertising. You need to target a free music converter, and use an antivirus to circulate on these sites. If your antivirus detects an anomaly with the converter to get a fast MP3, then you will have to stop the transfer. You have to be very attentive on the internet because viruses can be anywhere. It is possible that a music converter to transform a youtube link can host malware on your PC. This could quickly become a nightmare because a little snitch would be able to retrieve personal data, such as your bank details.