Composite fences on stone wall: our tips

Installation of a rigid fence (panel) on a wall can be done on its own with patience and meticulous, but it is safer to call a professional. Rigid mesh is in the form of panels, while other “common” grids are offered in the form of rolls.

Some pre-requisite recommendations

First of all, you need to go to the town hall of your municipality to declare your work. Indeed, they must be justified with your neighbors in case of dispute

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You should also know that some municipalities impose rules urban planning. In addition, you should inquire before undertaking anything.

Then you need to define the perimeter of the area to be fenced and determine how many panels you will need. You can then calculate the number of poles needed to install the mesh.

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Be careful, your wall must be concrete. There are several options for installing rigid meshes on a wall or base.

How to properly lay a rigid mesh?

Installation on turntables

Scheme of different types of platinum

There are several types of turntables:

  • Flat: allows you to attach to the top of the wall (illustration)
  • English style: allows you to fix as a wall wall (illustration)
  • Bracket or U-shaped: Allows for better fixing if the bracket is not wide enough for a flat plate (illustration)
  • Special: allows you to attach to a single wall or double hood

You can lay your rigid lattice with flat plates, English turntables or U-shaped or special plates to secure your posts. How to choose such turntables correctly?

  • If your wall is less than 150 mm wide: choose 1 plate 100x100mm or 120x120mm
  • If your wall is more than 150 mm wide: prefer 1 plate 140x140mm

You can fix the turntables to the wall using chemical dowels or mechanical dowels. However, we recommend that you opt for a chemical ankle, which will be much more resistant.

Installation with core drilling

If installing rigid mesh on a wall by core drilling will require core drilling in your wall, your will also be much more aesthetic and more resistant. A short waterproofing will then be carried out, ranging from 25cm to 30cm deep.

The intended core should be defined according to the dimensions of the pole.

  • If the pole is square and its dimensions are 40: a core of Ø 80mm will be required.
  • If the pole is round and its dimensions are Ø 40mm: a core of Ø 60mm will be required.
  • If the pole is square and its dimensions are 60x60mm: a core of Ø 120mm will be required
  • If the pole is round and its dimensions are Ø 60mm: a core Ø 80mm will be required

If the installation of rigid mesh on a wall will require core drilling in your wall, then your installation will also be much more aesthetic and resistant. First, a short waterproofing is carried out, ranging from 25cm to 30cm deep.


If your wall is inclinedcase , it is possible to practice abandonments. Have longer posts (no dubbing required).

If your wall has a single or double slope , prefer core drilling or custom turntables.

If your wall is not yet built , it is ideal for making post reservations. Please note that the dimensions of your rigid panel and pole spacing may vary depending on the type of pole selected and by brand.

Also be sure to check with your supplier before making reservations.

Installation of rigid mesh on the wall requires patience and meticulousness. The aim is to carefully study the terrain and existing elements before any work and examine all possible options.

In case of doubt or question, Do not hesitate to contact a professional who will advise you.

Where to buy rigid wire mesh?

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By purchasing material on our partner’s website, you will benefit from 100% secure payment, fast delivery anywhere in France and very efficient customer service, which will be at your disposal. It should be known that rigid wire mesh is made with welded metal wires in the perspective of forming panels of different shapes and dimensions. This wire mesh is very robust and has a wide variety of finishes. The price of a rigid wire mesh is not very high. You can install a rigid wire mesh in order to delineate your garden at the front or on the side.

You can add an access door if your rigid wire mesh serves as the main fence for your home. It is possible to find rigid grills with flat panels or folded panels. Flat panels are stronger and have a more streamlined style. Pleated panels are cheaper and are used to add a Blackout wood or PVC to prevent prying eyes from contemplating your garden. The role of a rigid wire mesh is to delineate your garden and deter burglars from returning home.

Rigid wire mesh can therefore withstand attempts at external intrusions. You will thus be preserved from vandalism. Rigid wire mesh can also withstand the weather. The strength of your fence is related to the thickness of the wire and mesh as well as the wire mesh fastening system. A rigid wire mesh can have a long service life without you needing to maintain it. It is better to buy this type of equipment rather than another less solid one that will have to be changed often. If you use your wire mesh as a garden fence, you can grow climbing plants there.

It is important to turn to a reliable professional if you want to buy a Quality rigid wire mesh. There are 2 types of sellers in this area: contractors and cloturists. Fencturists are seasoned professionals who will take into consideration the subtleties of the wire mesh to offer you quality material. Contractors buy rigid wire mesh in China or Eastern countries, and want to sell you low-end rigid wire mesh at a very low price.

To be sure to address a reliable professional, you can go to our national, so you will have the possibility to configure your rigid wire mesh kit by choosing the length to be fenced, the type of installation, possible occultations, height and colour. You have understood, by going to our partner’s website, you will be able to create the fence that you like. You can choose to make a strong but elegant fence to give stamp to yourgarden.