CMB Virtualis map: our opinion

Today, with the development of online payments, online credit card purchases are increasingly exposed to the risk of bank fraud.

Scammers do not lack the ingenuity to perfect their fraud techniques and thus draw millions of euros each year from bank users.

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Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne and Crédit Mutuel du Sud Ouest have long decided to react by offering their customers, Virtualis, a secure online payment solution.

Let’s see together what Virtualis is, how to use this service to pay for Internet purchases, how to stop virtualis, what its pros and cons are, and how to reach Virtualis customer service.

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Virtualis at Crédit Mutuel solution to pay for your purchases on the internet safely

You regularly make purchases via internet and Are you a Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne or Crédit Mutuel du Sud Or

Are you looking for a secure payment method to avoid communicating your credit card numbers online because there is more and more fraud on the internet?

We recommend Virtualis, CMB’s secure online payment service (and CMSO) .

What is Virtualis Secure Online Payment?

Virtualis is not a physical credit card but downloadable software that allows you to generate a credit card number that you can use when you pay over the Internet.

Even if the credit card numbers provided are fictitious, the payment is real. Virtualis is always associated with your Credit Mutuel current account.

When you pay for your purchase on the Internet, you fill in the numbers provided by Virtualis.

On the other hand, the online payment service is responsible for linking your CB purchase to your bank account held at Crédit Mutuel.

You do not provide the 16 digits of your CB, its pictogram and its expiry date at any time.

Thus, your credit card Crédit Mutuel is protected and therefore your assets held in your bank.

Why is it safe to pay by Virtualis for your Internet purchases?

Virtualis is the best solution to prevent piracy of your credit card Crédit Mutuel on the internet.

Some malicious and unreliable sites offer you to receive an order, register your credit card number.

However, once the transaction is complete, you may never receive the requested product and that you find unexplained debits in your bank account.

Virtualis avoids you from communicating the confidential data of your CB, then you will use a one-time dummy number that cannot be used fraudulently.

What are the benefits of Virtualis?

There are several advantages to opt for Virtualis CMB (if you are a Crédit Mutuel customer), Virtualis CMSO (if you are a customer of Crédit Mutuel du Sud Ouest) or Virtualis CMMC (if you are a Crédit Mutuel du Massif Central client).

  • The 16 digits of your credit card will not circulate on the Internet once the purchase is made, since you only fill in the virtual numbers provided by the Virtualis software. This dummy number is valid for a given period and only for a purchase to be paid.
  • Virtualis works for Most French and foreign merchant sites . Whatever online store you wish to validate an order, payment will be accepted.
  • Virtualis can be used on mobile, tablet or computer anywhere, from any digital medium . From home or elsewhere, you pay safely. However, banking fraud is evolving. It is therefore advisable to always be vigilant when paying online.

How can I ask your Crédit Mutuel advisor to install Virtualis on your credit card?

To configure the CMB Virtualis or CMSO Virtualis online payment solution , you must ask your Crédit Mutuel advisor to do so.

If the use of the Virtualis Crédit Mutuel service is urgent because you have a large order to make, go directly to the agency Crédit Mutuel closest to your residence.

You will need your login codes to use Virtualis. It can take up to 2 to 3 days to send your personal identifiers.

You can log in to Crédit Mutuel My Account via your customer ID and password, and then access your personalized email.

Then write your email with the subject line “ Virtualis service implementation ”.

In addition, by calling 09 69 391 991 from your mobile or landline phone, a Crédit Mutuel advisor responds to your request.

Finally, the last solution to enjoy virtualis by paying online with your credit card: go to your Crédit Mutuel agency accompanied by your ID.

Ask the bank advisor at reception to benefit from virtualis on your card of credit.

Thus, it will provide you the to use virtualis and will tell you how to follow to download the virtualis software for free .

How to activate Virtualis on your credit card at Crédit Mutuel?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to install virtualis and pay for purchases on the Internet securely:

Step 1: Contact the CMB to issue your Virtualis access codes

As we have already done, you have several ways to contact your bank advisor and ask them to provide you with Virtualis login credentials :

  • By email by visiting your Crédit Mutuel customer area,
  • By telephone,
  • When you move to an agency,

Step 2: Download Virtualis software to your computer or mobile

Your Crédit Mutuel advisor will tell you how to download virtualis.

Once this step is validated and the virtualis files downloaded to your computer, install Virtualis.

By default and depending on your site, you will find the application in your download folder or on your desktop.

Click on the icon and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Enter your username and password to access Virtualis

Once you have downloaded Virtualis to your computer or mobile phone through the app and if you have your credentials, you can generate a virtual credit card number to buy online.

How does Virtualis work when you pay online?

When you want to pay for a purchase over the Internet while generating a dummy number via virtualis, simply log in to your space Virtualis personal and log in with your username and password.

Then click on “ Generate a fictitious credit card number ”, then validate.

Finally, go to the e-commerce site and when validating your shopping cart, fill in the numbers provided by virtualis.

Your payment is accepted by the online shop and the credit card will be debited to your account a few days later.

Contacting Virtualis support due to an access issue?

To reach a Virtualis advisor, call 0 969 320 819 from your mobile or landline phone.

A telemarketer will answer all your questions regarding Crédit Mutuel’s online payment solution .

Whether for connection issues, online or virtualis payment difficulties or simply a request for general information, virtualis customer service is here to answer you.

How to permanently terminate the CMB Virtualis service?

You want to terminate the virtualis service and no longer benefit from its services.

Simply inform Crédit Mutuel of your decision by sending an email or calling them.