Civility legal form: which status to choose?

Are you an entrepreneur or you want to become an entrepreneur? In France, at the time of creating your company, you must choose a legal status (or legal form). Finding the best legal status as an entrepreneur is not obvious. Find here our tips for choosing the status of your business.

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  • Becoming an entrepreneur: the various legal forms
    • Self-enterprise (or micro-enterprise)
    • Independent commercial agent
    • Individual business (EI): compare
    • EIRL: individual contractor with limited liability
    • EURL The
    • SASU: single-personal simplified joint-stock company
    • The status of salary portage
    • The SARL
    • The SAS, the simplified joint-stock company
    • La SA, or limited company

Becoming an entrepreneur: the various legal forms

In order to be able to enjoy the practice of your profession with ease and logic, you must first of all choose the legal form of your business . Self company, micro enterprise, SARL, EIRL, EI, EURL, SASU, salary portage, SAS, SA, etc. How do I share things and choose its status?

Self-enterprise (or micro enterprise)

It’s simple, then you become a self-contractor or micro entrepreneur (AE — micro ). This statute was created only in 2009. The diet is simplified and allows you to exercise your profession without complex formalities.

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Registration and accounting are facilitated, the costs are reduced, which also explains the boom in the creation of EI.

Did you know that? No turnover = no accrued liabilities. This legal status is perfect to get started.

The maximum of CA not to be exceeded is 70,000€ in service, and 170 000€ for purchase and sale.

The civility or legal form of self-entrepreneur or micro entrepreneur is ideal for launching a business on your own and with ease.

The Independent Sales Agent

The self-employed commercial agent is a self-employed person. The latter is therefore an agent who acts on behalf of the principal.

Its purpose is to negotiate and conclude contracts on behalf of the company he represents.

The status of a commercial agent grows in several fields and is very present in the real estate and automotive sectors.

In order to act lawfully, the independent commercial agent signs a mandate with the company. Most of the time they will also have to take out professional liability insurance for damages that he could cause due to fault or negligence.

The qualities necessary to exercise as an independent commercial agent are often: a good relationship, perfect knowledge of its product and a taste for independence.

Learn more about becoming an independent real estate sales agent in this article.

The sole proprietorship (EI): compare

The sole proprietorship is quite similar to the AE, but has existed for much longer. For the creation of your very first company, this legal form is ideal for the artisan entrepreneur and the trader . The sole proprietorship is very simple to set up.

Namely :in micro mode, you will be taxed on an estimated profit (package: compare this legal status well with the self company before choosing what suits you the better.

EIRL: Individual Contractor with Limited Liability

What does this legal form mean? The EIRL is ideal for a single entrepreneur. The principle of this status is to limit your liability while designating an assignment wealth . You protect your personal property, the formalities are limited and you can also opt for corporate tax.

This status is ideal because taxation is flexible for the entrepreneur. If you plan to partner in the long term, an EURL will be preferable.


EURL is like an LLC for an entrepreneur but includes only one partner within the company. Your responsibility as an entrepreneur is limited to contributions and does not engage your personal property.

A manager is appointed, articles of association are drafted. However, facilities are possible when transferring the assets of the entrepreneur. Fees are more important only for a self-contractor. This status is ideal when you want to separate personal and professional life and increase credibility .

The SASU: the single-personal simplified shareholding company

A SASU is actually an SAS, but for a single partner . You are considered to be an executive employee of your business and you are subject to corporate tax or the IR.

Practical : If your company grows rapidly, the steps are simplified to move from an SASU to an SAS.

Salary portage status

With this status, everyone has the right to offer services without having to set up a business . As such, it is up to you to see if the terms and conditions are suitable for you or whether it is best to set up a self-business to manage your business as an entrepreneur.


This legal form does more at all concerns the individual entrepreneur. There, you are no longer an entrepreneur alone, but you can partner up to 100 people in the same company.

Note: Partners may take the form of natural or legal persons.

You have the choice between IR or IS.

This legal status is interesting because it is secure and tax is framed if you create the LLC with several. Compare this legal form with SAS

SAS, the simplified joint-stock company

Partners who decide to enter into a company with simplified shares have a great area of freedom. No minimum capital and no maximum number of associates . The French SAS benefits from an interesting tax aspect: taxable profits option, in the same way as with the IR.

Modernization of 2008 does not require an auditor’s call if the Board does not more than €2,000,000.

The SA, or public limited company

The public limited company requires large capital, it esThis legal regime is solid and has credibility reserved for very important companies, companies or projects..

To learn more about creating an activity, a company, the status of an entrepreneur and the entire social side, ask the public service (state services) to find out what policy is in force.