Choosing Your Hydraulic Rolling Jack

In the field of mechanics, having a jack is essential. This lifting tool is available in various models: mechanical jack, hydraulic rolling jack or roller jack, and pneumatic jack. The roller jack is a high-performance hydraulic jack: how to choose it correctly? Back on our tips to make the right choice of hydraulic jack wheeler.

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  • Features of a rolling hydraulic jack
    • A mobile and practical jack
    • Possible options on a rolling hydraulic jack
    • CE standard hydraulic rolling jack
  • Choosing your hydraulic rolling jack

Features of a rolling hydraulic jack

A rolling hydraulic jack is the ultimate lifting instrument. It supports several tons thanks to a powerful system. Hydraulic lifting is done thanks to a cylinder and a removable lever . Mechanics appreciate the hydraulic jack for its ease of use. This jack is common in the most efficient mechanical workshops and garages.

For example, for a drain, the rolling hydraulic jack is useful if a drain pump is not available. The lifting of any light vehicle can be carried out by a rolling hydraulic jack.

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A mobile and practical jack

The secondary but essential feature of the hydraulic rolling jack is to be mounted on casters. Practical and mobile, a rolling hydraulic jack allows lifting loads of several tons (up to 3 tons ) with ease but also safely. An automotive breakdown can thus be effectively managed thanks to this indispensable tool in any mechanical workshop.

More complete than a bottle jack, The hydraulic lifting jack has an easy implementation thanks to its characteristic components:

  • A rolling hydraulic jack is mounted on a small-wheeled chassis ;
  • It has a high-performance and secure hydraulic cylinder ;
  • It is equipped with a compliant and secure lifting disc ;
  • The lifting height adjustment is done without a hitch, from 133 mm to 465 mm on average;
  • The use of a rolling hydraulic jack can be done on a daily basis without risk thanks to its strength, reliability, maneuverability and power .

Possible options on a rolling hydraulic jack

Some models of rolling hydraulic jacks have an automatic air bleed system, a convenient option. The fact that the up to three tons allows you to manage several types of vehicles: car, SUV, small van, etc.

The rolling hydraulic jack is therefore a versatile lifting tool, which makes it indispensable. With an average underbody grip ranging from 133 mm to 465 mm, an exceptional lifting height, the hydraulic rolling jack is popular for mechanics. This professional tool can sometimes be fitted with a removable protection attached to the appu head i.

Good to know: the purchase of a rolling hydraulic jack usually comes with a warranty certificate, proof ofreliability over the long term . Because car elevators are essential safety and work accessories in a mechanical workshop, manufacturers of hydraulic rolling jacks are committed to satisfying their customers.

Hydraulic jack CE standardized rolling

A rolling hydraulic jack can be very heavy. The simple fact that it is mounted on small wheeled chassis makes its weight imperceptible and facilitates mobility in the workshop. Quiet on the move thanks to wheels usually made of polyurethane, the hydraulic jack often has two pistons that promote rapid lifting, as well as an overload valve.

The standard met for a rolling hydraulic jack must be CE standard EN1494-ASME-PASE .

Choosing Your Hydraulic Rolling Jack

To properly choose your hydraulic rolling jack, the criteria listed above should be taken seriously. Options will have a postponement on the price of the jack. Other criteria for choosing hydraulic rolling jack will be:

  • The lifting height of the jack
  • The vehicle weight limit to be raised by the jack, in tonnes
  • The
  • price The gap capacity between the car and the ground

With the hydraulic wheel jack features listed above, you are able to choose your workshop jack right. If you wish to order your hydraulic jack online, please be aware that delivery of these tools is possible.