Choosing the right paint for the baby’s room

Baby is coming soon and are you about to embark on the decoration of the Baby’s room? You have several choices, especially the one to paint and think about the decoration of the walls of the Baby’s room. We explain how to choose the right paint for your little one’s bedroom.

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  • Deco baby room: the atmosphere thanks to the walls
    • A unisex baby room
    • One color or several colors?
    • Painting of walls: and patterns?
  • Baby’s room: make simple
    • The wallpaper for the decoration of walls
  • The picture for the nursery

Deco baby room: the atmosphere thanks to the walls

The walls of a nursery are very important for creating an atmosphere and creating a soothing environment. Baby reception is paramount and you need you feel good in this room, just as much as Baby. Because parents are forced to spend time in this place linked to care, love, play and sleep , redecorating a room to welcome baby in their room is really not luxury!

Unisex Baby Room

Don’t you know the sex of your future child? No problem, you do not necessarily need to know everything before embarking on the decoration of the baby’s room.

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A soothing paint color will be advised anyway. If you do not have ideas for decorating paint your baby’s room, it is advisable to choose neutral, soft and mixed tones. The child’s sleep will be favored by choosing the color of the paint on the walls.

Pastel blue, pastel pink… It’s not just blue and pink in life! Neutral tones are today highly appreciated for decorating baby rooms. Pastel yellow and grey, grey-blue and white, almond green and beige, ecru and white or even mustard yellow or taupe and white…

You are advised to go to light or matte paint to avoid visual overload.

One color or several colors?

The choice of color is very important for the baby’s room. Avoid bright tones and bright and flashy colors. Soft tones are soothing enough to be combined with each other. If uniform white suits you, of course, painting the baby’s room all in white is classic but is part of the widespread decor ideas .

The advantage of white is that you can then play on the color of furniture and decorative items, in which you can put more colors.

For the painting walls, the combination of several colors is recommended to make living this very soft and pleasant space. Painting the whole room in a warm color is not recommended, as this could affect the quality of your baby’s sleep.

Painting of walls: and patterns?

The question of reasons often comes up. First of all, know that nothing is irreversible in terms of decoration! Yes, crack if you want it for patterns, stickers, stencil on the walls of the nursery, if it pleases you.

Be sure to visually balance patterned places and other corners of the room more clean and soft. Painting a wall pan of the nursery with patterns can be an excellent option if you lack ideas. Add cloud stickers, montage, stars, hearts, or characters… There is no shortage of ideas. First of all, you need Make this baby room decoration with great pleasure!

The patterns are interchangeable and have the advantage of being able to be removed (stickers) if the decoration no longer suits you.

Baby room: make it simple

Keep in mind the atmosphere and cozy atmosphere for your baby. Classic or original, the painting of the nursery is quite a topic that can make you think day and night… Make it simple and do not overload the walls. It should be borne in mind that furniture will add to this . Think of bed, carpet, curtains, lighting and light fixtures, changing table and storage chest of drawers. All these elements must fit perfectly into the nursery.

That’s why before choosing baby room paint, you are advised to put your ideas flat. Make tests on a corner of the wall, mixtures, sketches…

A camaieu of white/ecru/cotton or sea blue/turquoise and sky blue is quite possible also, depending on your desire. be sure to choose a paint that is suitable for the nursery and not harmful, VOC free and depollutant .

Wallpaper for decoration of walls

If the paint ideas run out of breath, you always have the choice of wallpaper and tapestry. A wallpaper changes less simply than a paint but also offers many choices. Depending on the type of wallpaper you are interested in, the budget will not necessarily be the same for your baby room.

The table for the nursery

To decorate the walls of a nursery or children’s room, there is not just the solution of paint on the walls or wallpaper. It is possible to bring keys of sparingly colors on the walls. Either way, it is clearly no longer in the air of time to paint or wallpapering an entire chamber. Better to play with elements of colorful decorations, such as curtains, cushions, carpets and wall elements.

So the picture in the nursery is a great idea. If you are looking for a shop offering paintings for the decoration of a baby’s room, you will be seduced by Seri Golo. You will see that this brand bears its name very well.

  • You will have very colorful paintings.
  • The drawings are very playful and the characters take very funny poses.
  • Many animal themes are discussed.
  • You will also have the choice in the sizes and shapes of the tables.

Now it’s time to find out in more detail. The childish imaginary world is perfectly highlighted with animals of all universe. You can choose according to the theme of the room, since you will find depicted animals of savannah, forest, or sea.

So you can display koalas, wolves, chameleons, squirrels, elephants and many more. You also have pets, like the dog with an air that will give you a smile for sure. The good news is that if you can’t decide among all the models on offer, you can opt for family portraits.

On top of that, many animals are fans of vehicles, like rocket, car, boat,… You’ll love it. All in colours ideal for children. You can also vary shapes and dimensions. You will be able to choose square and rectangular paintings, more or less large.

And if you don’t have enough yet, Seri Golo also offers Stickers and posters in the same theme. This will give you the opportunity to also customize your furniture, and why not the door to the baby room. Also be aware that you can find them on meal boxes. All you have to do is decide among all theirproposals.