Choosing a term insurance

Do you intend to travel temporarily in your vehicle? Temporary car insurance allows you car or motorcycle drivers to be in good standing and travel for a limited time. How to make the right choice of a warranty or term insurance contract? Update on temporary motorcycle car insurance.

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  • Temporary auto insurance: a practical guarantee
    • Who is temporary auto and motorcycle insurance for?
    • Terms and Conditions of Temporary Auto Insurance
  • Tips for Choosing Your Temporary Auto Insurance

Temporary auto insurance: a practical guarantee

In France, securing your vehicle temporarily is a practical formula that allows any occasional car or motorcycle driver to travel legally over a period of time provisional. This duration can range from 1 day to 90 days .

In order to be able to drive a vehicle and benefit from a contract or a temporary motorcycle auto insurance guarantee, certain conditions must be met, otherwise you will travel illegally.

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Who is temporary auto and motorcycle insurance for?

Temporary auto insurance is practical in many cases:

  • For personal reasons, you do not want to take out a conventional insurance contract, that is, annual.
  • For financial reasons you cannot take out an annual insurance contract
  • You want to go abroad with your vehicle
  • Want to have your luxury vehicle insure

It should be noted that the term auto insurance formula is an interesting short-term insurance contract. Indeed, it has a certain price and is proportionally more expensive than an annual and conventional car insurance contract.

Temporary auto insurance is therefore aimed at all drivers wishing or needing to take their vehicle to travel (minimum 3 days of contract) . For example, if your insurer does not offer in your classic contract a clause allowing you to go to a foreign country, you can take out temporary auto insurance for the occasion.

A luxury or sports vehicle can also benefit from this practical solution: since these vehicles are not used all year round, temporary insurance fully fulfills its practical usefulness for a car often wintered .

Another case: you want to change your car insurance and wait for the expiry of your current contract, then a Temporary self contract can be convenient for you.

Assess your situation and need : Term insurance can help you for a period of time.

Terms and Conditions of Temporary Auto Insurance

You must be at least 21 years old to take out a temporary car or motorcycle warranty contract. In addition, the person concerned must hold his or her driver’s licence for a minimum of 2 years prior to the signing of the contract of temporary auto insurance.

Good to know : your history as a driver is scrupulously examined. In order to get the full coverage of your term auto insurance, be sure to have a good record, otherwise your insurance will cost you very expensive.

To purchase an interim auto insurance contract, you will be asked for supporting documents:

  • A copy of the grey card of the vehicle concerned
  • A copy of the valid driver’s license
  • A copy of the statement of information about you.

The driver may also be asked to declare on the honour of any prior history: infringement, disaster, accident, etc.) So make sure you have a good driver record if you want your term insurance not to cost you too much.

Tips for Choosing Your Temporary Auto Insurance

For your vehicle, (car or motorcycle), inquire online or directly with your insurer. Many insurers offer similar guarantees. The choice between contracts will then depend on the rates applied and the seriousness of the insurance company.

Making requests for quotes and comparing the various formulas and contracts offered can be beneficial. When you insure a car, we pay a certain price and there are no small savings.

Finally, speaking around you about your need for temporary auto insurance, you may have some good tips on coverage, underwriting, assistance and rates on your car to insurance.