Castorus: the indispensable tool for real estate investors

As a future winner and effective investor, you and I can’t afford to waste time. Real estate is a succession of fairly long steps and deadlines. It’s not about moving to the local dealer, negotiating, buying 1 beautiful car, and getting out 2 hours later behind the wheel of a “pretty passive” that will depreciate over the years (Boyfriend tip: you can do this when your stock stock allows you to crack a little cash. Not before…)

To optimize my time, I made wise choices to speed up the process of buying traditional buildings. Or at least, to waste as little time as possible.

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1st major reduction:

Be a strategist in your choices to be ERASE!

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In 2017, the “web” is an essential instrument for any investor who respects himself and wants to go faster and faster. I’m talking about experience! With my modern slave work, at an average of 45 hours a week and an amplitude of hour to divorce you, I was forced to deceive and use all means to give me maximum time for my first buildings.

I drop you today the best tips I used to “work” body my rental investments (and other future 😀).

Real estate search and prospecting: find a profitable real estate in “Auto” mode…

I guess there are 20 or 30 piges, it had to be much more complicated to start. Today, you do not have an apology if you do not throw yourself away. You have all the tools (free or paid) to acquire rental properties. At the time of the Minitel, our pioneering investors had to have access to a few real estate listings, and more again… do not hesitate to share your experience if you have experienced this 😉). It wasn’t supposed to be as simple as today! You will tell me, when you have not experienced hot water, you do not care about showering in cold water 😁. The Internet is changing the situation today. Personally, this greatly simplifies the process at all stages of rental investment.

For example today, to find a property, you do not even have to pay attention to the guy who came to throw you the classified log in your mailbox. Simply press the “Power” button on your PC most of the time. The downside is that even when you focus on your real estate search, you still have these damn ads targeted to your interests that come to you distract. Fools cookies (not cakes…) that trace your browsing history. Internet has not only good sides. Above all, it has the chic of entertaining you through uninteresting stuff, or to push you to conso. Stay focused and remember that we surf to buy assets, not pretty passive by piling some of our security savings… One of the first reflexes is to go to or, the two star leader in dematerialized real estate research…

Create a real estate search and automatic alert on Le Bon Coin

By creating an automatic search, you receive once a day listings matching your search criteria. The downside is that the alert is not instantaneous. That is, you do not receive a notification as soon as a potential ad appears on LebonCoin. But there remains a simple way to receive a potential rental property to study. Especially when you are running out of time, you can’t have your nose typed on the screen every 1/4 hours…

Free apps to help with real estate research

In addition to these two sites, I also use Castorus. This is a nice little app that allows you to access the price history of a real estate ad. You just need to install the Castorus app, and use it with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How to easily install Castorus on your browser?

For some time, the app is no longer available on Le bon corner 😡, but. Since some websites have been updated, compatibility is no longer possible. Believe that some Giants do not look too much as we come to hack their system. Too bad, because the application allows you to track the price history of real estate ads. So a pretty terrific trading tool. The usefulness of this application is not only to see the evolution of the price. Above all, it allows us to draw some conclusions.

For example, you may encounter a property listed 3 months or more ago and whose price curve is down. This may indicate a property with a possible margin for trading, since the seller cannot sell it (it remains to know and see why…). You can also meet ads with an unchanged selling price for 1 year! The seller may ask too much, but does not seem to be in a hurry to sell (or remain limited despite the need to sell! ).

Because yes, it’s good to have the best tools. But if you do not know the ultimate utility, it does not help much… It is up to you to analyze the situation and refine it during the visits. The other indispensable app is the. I eat it in all sauces, you know if you’ve been following me for some time. And for good reason. I think she’s the investor’s best friend. Forget your calculator and anti-dry sheet to remember by heart the profitability formula (you still need to understand how it is calculated. I tell you everything HERE). Just like Castorus, by installing the app on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari, Rental Yield automatically integrates into real estate ads. At a glance, you get a glimpse of the profitability of a property without doing anything!

How to easily install Rental Yield on your browser?

You can go directly to the to download the plug-in by clicking HERE, and install the application in 1 minute. It’s FREE. The tool par excellence. You download the plugin, and Boomm! It calculates the return directly in the ads . It is ideal to save precious time. Well, you just need to look at the ads in detail, because Rental Return is based on the information provided in the ad. And it happens that the ad is not properly populated…

A small property loan is very good!

On the financing side, I used in my online banking, in addition to “hard” research with traditional agencies. I wanted to test this leader in loan comparators to make my own opinion. And always with the aim of moving forward quickly in my efforts.

I had positive and negative echoes. And personally, it drunk me to have a priori… I try, I’m not trying? Go nothing to lose. Especially when it doesn’t cost a trick to try. The best thing is to achieve efficiency for yourself (in).

Are they responsive and operational in terms of rental investment?

That was my big question. I have to admit that for this project, they didn’t hurt too much. As this led to one of the banking offers I received (I received 3 offers on 4 banks/brokers).

I really got a priori because some people around me had used it. They were not too satisfied with the proposals received. How you really have to experiment and make your own opinion by testing the different existing services. It’s gonna seem counterintuitive to a guy like me who gives you advice, advice and experience… But it is very important not to take the advice of others for money! Test it and you’ll see.

Stop at the Bricolos Sunday…

As much for my first building, I did almost 100% of the work. No need to find a lot of craftsmen. At the time, I had to find an antennist to repair the TV antenna (call my first tenant from the first day of rental! ). And yes some tenants not anything else to do than spend their day in front of television. What do you want!

Some move the c*l (you and me) while others take advantage of the system. I also had to find a mason to demolish the balcony that was ready to fall into the street. For this second Investment,. I really wanted him to go fast to rent quickly and conclude this 2nd real estate market. This time I delegates 100% of the work to a team of craftsmen. Tell yourself that by delegating the work, even if you like to walk through your toolbox on weekends to retype one (or more) apartment, you will save a lot of TIME, Fatious. In addition, you create deductible fees that will help you reduce your tax burden 😉.

When you start in rental investment, you need to create your team. This is one of the biggest challenges ahead. And one of the centrepieces is your future renovation team. This is what scares investors most: don’t come across the charlots that want to scam you, or whose skills fall within the supernatural domain… For the anecdote, I have a great example. When I received several craftsmen to make quotes, there was one that came the day J… without a meter contact local craftsmen live to take action! An apartment of more than 80m2 on 2 levels to renovate completely with meters. And this craftsman wanted to base his quote on the objects I had provided him! I’m not cheating, it’s real life. It’s downright scary 😂. Again, I used the net to help me. I chose 2 different platforms: and And then I always used the traditional history of the Yellow Pages of. I find these platforms interesting for two points.

  • On the one hand, it is the craftsmen who call you. This means that those who transit through these platforms have to work… They know very well that they are going to be competed, so it shouldn’t kill you too much on tariffs.
  • And the other. This is due to makes the platforms require craftsmen to have ten-year guarantees to be referenced on the platform.

A small special mention for that gives you an approximate number once you have put the description of the job to do, even before a craftsman moves. It allows you to have a price range for the renovation of your future property according to the criteria and renovation measures you provide them. They told me 25,000 euros of work. The actual amount was 23000€ for the requested works. Really, it was consistent. Surely because the site will not lead to surprises (no construction work, framing, or other specific work). The use of these platforms is free for us investors. It is the craftsman who bears the cost of the connection (30€/contact for the craftsman)


I push a big blow against a link platform Artisan:


I was looking for a roofer to change a Velux, and renovate parts of the roof/zinc works of the big houses of my second investment. I received 2 companies/craftsmen.

I met a carpet dealer. Nice speech. He needs to work because the summer period = low in activity. A construction site has just been canceled, so instead of staying at home, it makes me a really tempting price (which he says! ). The guy tells me directly on the spot the cost of work without climbing to the roof. Only based on 2 photos taken by his rooftop worker. When this guy announces you 4,500€ of work for a construction site at €2,000 max… and without moving his little buttocks on the roof, it drives me crazy.

And 2nd Surprise with the 2nd craftsman: FALSE DECENIUM insurance certificate / ! For special and sensitive works such as roofing and roofing, I need a ten-year insurance. I therefore ask for the attestation that the craftsman is insured for the requested work. Looking at the one provided by the roofer in question, some elements questioned me (see image below).


  • the name of the company somewhat “exotic”
  • the insurance company logo and some quasi-illegible graphics
  • no description of the work (nature and area) covered by the insurer during that ten-year period
  • and after 1 email exchange with the insurance company in question to verify the authenticity of the certificate

No more doubts. This is indeed a false attestation.

So be super vigilant!

You must definitely call the insurance company to check that the craftsman has a 10-year insurance. That he is up to date with his contributions on the day of the opening of the site. Otherwise, you can make a cross on compensation in case of subsequent problems.

] Other interesting real estate resources:

To make a choice in the selection of craftsmen, I use and Societé.com. These are websites of legal information about companies. You can find very interesting information about the history of the company or entrepreneurs who apply for your projects.

The principle is simple. It’s as if you had access to the patient’s health notebook. Financial information, financial health, date of birth, weights, measures (date of creation, capital, number of employees. I prefer translate the metaphor 😁)… You have access to a lot of information about the health of the company. It is simple, free and effective (detailed X-ray still pays). Well, that’s not all, but it allows you to already get a good overview of the people you’re dealing with.

Google is also your friend who tries to get a lot of information about the companies in question. Often, Pagesjaunes gives opinions, at least the people who used these companies give their opinion on Pagesjaunes for example. I’m trying to gather as much information as possible and compile it.

Will this rent your lost slums?

This is one of the best questions to ask… Because finally buying a property for sale at 50% will only really be a good deal if… it’s rented . You can design, produce and market the most beautiful shorts and swimsuits on the market, if you start selling them in Antarctica, it is dead. 0 0 = ZERO number! It’s mathematical. Why?

For 2 reasons:

“ In your opinion, how many clamps are there in the South Pole?

” — Is it consistent to sell 2-piece jerseys when it’s -30°C all year round?

In other words, if you go back to real estate, is buying in this or that sector a good idea? Is there a minimum number of people living in the geographical area? Is there a pool of jobs, a minimum of services that make it possible not to live like a hermit?

Does this or that type of housing correspond to the local demand and lifestyle of the people living in it (furnished short term, furnished all year round, naked rental, house with garden…) Nothing like launching a fictitious ad on our favorite LeBonCoin site to check all of this. If he dies and you receive a few calls from interested tenants in 3-4 days (minimum), this is a good sign.

Consider renewing the ad so that it appears at the top of the results. This allows better results and better visibility.

Personal example: Dashboard — fictitious statistics announces Le Bon Coin

Here are the statistics you can find in your private space Le Bon Coin. You can post an ad and view the number of visits, emails sent,…

I tested this method for one of the 3 houses in my last investment. In 3 days, more than 700 ad consultations, and 6 visits requests for 7 emails sent. And again, I did not leave my phone number! Not bad for a building located in a town of 800 inhabitants…