Car GPS: how to choose a GPS?

GPS systems are now available in single housing, in application or as a system integrated into the vehicle. For a car or even motorcycle driver, difficult to choose, with the various features offered. We guide you on the choice of GPS that will make your daily life easier!

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  • Choosing your GPS based on options and features
    • The GPS case
      • Features of a GPS case Small drawbacks of the GPS
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    • app
      • Features of a GPS app
      • The small drawbacks of a GPS device GPS application
    • The built-in GPS or embedded GPS system
      • Features of an integrated or embedded GPS system The small drawbacks of embedded
      • GPS system In the era of new embedded
    • systems In

    • the era of new embedded systems
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Choose your GPS based on options and features

Today, for any type of personal or professional journey, the use of a GPS (Global Positioning System) has become a must. Previously, it was done with the local paper map or with the cartography found in the travel guides. No more than that time: GPS has landed in Europe and around the world, and with it, major innovations, especially in terms of options and service.

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The GPS box

A GPS case can have pros and cons. The whole thing is to know his need before choosing. Indeed, some users find it more convenient to use a case (TomTom type), when others find it cumbersome and prefer an application or the use of an integrated system.

A GPS housing has been specially designed for this purpose : it is therefore a powerful product on all points. The only trouble: it makes you one more object to buy. IF you are sensitive to the impact that humans may have on the planet due to their consumption of products, then it makes sense to download an app or use the on-board system on your car if it has one.

Features of a GPS box

The features of a GPS box are as follows:

  • Their screen, touch or not, is significantly larger than that of a smartphone, between 5 inches and 7 inches .
  • The price of GPS boxes have declined sharply in recent years to cope with the arrival of embedded applications and systems
  • Very convenient options : auto update mapping, live service, traffic info, etc.
  • Display of the points of interest of the area visited (restaurants, shopping centers, car parks, etc.)

In order to ensure convenient and safe navigation, a GPS box remains undoubtedly the best device for car guidance, since it has been designed for. For information, a smartphone screen will measure 4.8 inches maximum.

Touch technology is becoming widespread : today more and more GPS boxes are tactile. You can even connect with bluetooth to receive phone calls.

Speech recognition , a great innovation, enables devices of unmatched performance. Safely, you make a geographical query to your GPS box without leaving the road with your gaze and without letting go of the steering wheel.

The quality of navigation is unparalleled on GPS boxes, since this is their primary purpose.

The small disadvantages of the GPS case

  • A GPS case does not fit into the pocket, it takes up space.
  • Difficult to use it in pedestrian mode due to its low autonomy, generally speaking.
  • To avoid theft, you need to remove the case from your car every time.

If we were to summarize the GPS box: ultra-performance, but impractical . It’s up to you to decide if this purchase meets your expectations.

The GPS App

Today GPS applications have become widespread and allow access to maps in real time, just like tomtom type GPS boxes. The applications are now numerous and offer as many advantages as well as disadvantages. They are very successful with all the population categories . Why are GPS apps so popular? You are told everything about GPS apps.

If GPS applications are so successful, it is above all a story of practicality. People with a smartphone today are very numerous, with the democratization of this must-see device. Your smartphone accompanies you everywhere. The main advantage of the application on the housing? In no time, an application can load the route to follow. The app also offers voice and visual guidance with remarkable precision.

The plus: you don’t need to buy one more device, being that you get the “two in one” with the app built into your phone.

Features of a GPS App

  • Data received via 3G or 4G is data generally reliable (real time).
  • The display is done on your phone screen, maximum 4.8 inches.
  • You have access to “live” services, including traffic info and indication of the presence of mobile radars. This function is increasingly being described by the authorities and may be subject to monitoring.
  • It is interesting to note that the most relevant traffic info will be that brought by 3G and 4G.
  • Display of the points of interest of the area visited (restaurants, shopping centers, car parks, etc.)
  • Night mode: follow the eye map without being embarrassed

The size advantage of a GPS app (on the GPS box and even on an on-board GPS that will be counted as an option on your car) is that it is most of the free time . Some applications are paid. It’s up to you to choose the application that suits you best.

Small drawbacks of a GPS app

  • The performance of an application is not as good in terms of navigation and guidance as that of a GPS box.
  • Technical performance related to the quality of the phone is also worth mentioning. Depending on whether you have a last generation or entry-level phone, the app will not behave the same way. Bugs can occur and even put you at risk on the road.
  • The display is not optimal compared to a GPS box. The resolution chosen for the use of a phone is not necessarily ideal for navigation.
  • Data consumed during the ride can quickly encrypt if you only have a basic package.
  • In areas or countries poorly covered by 3G or 4G, guidance may be poor and misleading you.
  • Your habits are analyzed and data is collected by giants like Google and Apple: if you mind, disable these options or do not choose a GPS app.

Finally, if we were to summarize the GPS app: ultra-practical, less efficient , depending on your phone model. Often free at installation but expensive in data consumption (data).

Built-in GPS system or embedded GPS

An embedded GPS system offers a huge advantage: that of being integrated into your car or vehicle. Compared to a GPS box that needs to be systematically removed from the vehicle or to a performance application limited, the on-board GPS is designed for convenient and efficient use.

In addition, the on-board GPS is an expensive option on new vehicles (when not offered in series), performance is expected at the turn. And they do not disappoint users. Indeed, the accuracy of the cards is often put forward. This is due to the fact that the GPS can be coupled to the direction of the vehicle, which provides accurate information about distances.

The on-board GPS passes through the antenna of the car, which usually ensures excellent reception of the satellite signal, and thus a fast and accurate geolocation. Navigation will depend on the models, but does not offer the same performance as a GPS box.

Features of an integrated or embedded GPS system

  • Built-in to your vehicle, no mounting required
  • screen wider than a GPS case or smartphone (app)
  • excellent accuracy and speed of geolocation
  • possibility of coupling with the steering of the vehicle
  • does not require 3G or 4G connection: no additional charges
  • Display of the points of interest of the area visited (restaurants, shopping centers, car parks, etc.)

The small disadvantages of embedded GPS system

  • an optional on-board GPS can be very expensive if not offered in series
  • mapping update still too expensive compared to services on GPS box

In the era of new embedded systems

Today we note the arrival of new embedded systems. Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink or Android Auto. What is it about? A new embedded system will display on your screen which apps are available on your phone. This allows you to control a streaming music app, or your GPS app.

The offer is bold in the sense that speech recognition technology comes to its grain of salt. To drive safely, you turn to your on-board system, which will follow the order given without the need to leave the road with a look.

In summary

Ready to choose your GPS solution to go to Europe or conquer new countries? TomTom, Google, Apple, Garmin… Weigh the pros and cons of the best GPS tools and make your choice. Performance, practicality or innovation… GPS has revolutionized our lifestyles and perhaps even the way we drive. It turns out to be of great help for who did not really the sense of orientation! Like any technology, it is inefficient without electricity: so be sure to stay connected

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