Car dvd player: tips

Do you want to travel and a family road trip with the children? The portable car DVD player can be very useful to occupy your offspring in the case of a long car ride! Follow all our tips to choose your portable DVD player correctly.

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  • Portable DVD player for car: why choose it right?
  • The portable DVD player and its many possibilities
  • The criteria for choosing your DVD player
  • The options and price of your DVD player
    • A car DVD player for the whole family

Portable DVD player for car: why choose it right?

On the road to the holiday, long car trips can be difficult to endure for children, regardless of age. To occupy them, nothing like movies to watch to avoid getting bored and make pass the time. A portable DVD player can quite fulfill this role and occupy the children while you drive in the car.

It will be important to choose your portable car DVD player correctly. Indeed, its autonomy in terms of battery charging will play a lot. In addition, the size of the screen in inches will also be important, in order to have a true viewing comfort on DVD player. A screen too small can quickly hurt the eyes or even the head. This would have a counterproductive effect on children! If the portableDVD player’s battery life is not long enough, it is impossible to enjoy it as you would like.

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Some DVD players at very affordable prices will be able to perform the basic functions. Be careful, however, to check if your DVD player supports heavy files . It would be a shame to invest in a reader Portable DVD for car and not able to use it.

The portable DVD player and its multiple possibilities

A portable car DVD player is a product designed to be practical and useful. Generally speaking, portable DVD players can all be plugged into the mains or with USB port and adapter . Some readers can even read SD cards and USB sticks: Convenient for viewing a slideshow of holiday photos or movies you have transferred to a USB flash drive express for the ride by car.

A portable DVD player is a device that can play DVD movies but also music CDs and CD mp3 files or even disc formats in DivX. Portable car DVD player models vary depending on options, electric charging range and screen size in inches. The price of your DVD player Laptop will therefore vary depending on the options you choose.

The criteria for choosing your DVD player

Generally, expect the following options on your portable car DVD player:

  • A swivel LCD screen or even a dual screen
  • Different sizes of LCD screens, from 18 cm to 25 cm (average 9 inches 1/2)
  • Quality screen resolution (HD, etc.)
  • Fluctuating battery life, an average of 3 hours without recharging and up to 5 hours
  • Number of formats supported: DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, CD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, AVI, SWF, FLV, TXT, etc.
  • Advanced connectivity: USB, SD, MMC, AV in/out headphone audio output
  • Possibilities to charge on AC or with cigarette lighter/USB adapter
  • Installation system on the head restraint
  • A guarantee
  • A more or less good sound output
  • quality

Good to know : a portable DVD player with a dual LCD screen can play two different movies or a split screen movie: ideal for not fighting in the car while parents are concentrated…

The options and price of your DVD player

All these choice criteria must be taken into account when choosing your portable DVD player correctly. Of course, the price of your DVD player will play, but it will certainly reflect its quality. By not taking into account all these criteria, you take the risk of making an unnecessary and unsustainable purchase. To make your choice, evaluate your habits and desires , but also the needs of the family, according to the number of children, etc.

Among the innovations and the latest models of DVD players to watch for, the swivel LCD screens, Dual screen, headrest adaptability and autonomy that challenges any competition thanks to high-performance batteries. Your investment will be a useful and convenient purchase: what to stay serene in the car by counting on your portable DVD player!

A car DVD player for the whole family

The reader is a popular family device in the car, which deserves to be chosen knowingly, in order to match not only the needs of adults but also those of children sitting in the back of the car and who will have real regular use of it.

The portable DVD player can also have a remote control , so everyone can have a right to look (especially parents!) on what kids do with the portable DVD player. Basic functions are offered: on, off, pause, search chapter, sound adjustment, etc.

Looking for your ideal portable DVD player? Online you can find good deals at low prices and/ or free shipping depending on the periods. Tip : don’t wait until the day before the holiday to buy your car DVD player!