Can we lay wire mesh with a blackout cloth? Is this a good way of blackout?

The wire mesh is an ideal product for fencing all types of land, dwelling, agricultural land or even industrial site.

It is a very affordable product in terms of cost, it can be placed on all grounds, and it can also be adorn with sight breakers. The blackout canvas is very often proposed by the fencemakers in order to come to priming its fence and protect themselves from the outside eyes.

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Without any suspense we will answer the topic of this article, yes it is of course possible to put a screen screen on a mesh fence. However, this is to be done carefully to ensure that the realization of a project is without unpleasant surprises!

Realization of a fence with canvas

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What kind of fence to choose to lay your canvas on it?

The Single Twist Wire Mesh

Single twist wire mesh is the entry-level of wire mesh fences, it has many advantages such as adapting to all types of land as well as its unbeatable rate for a fence. Inevitably it is easy to wonder if this type of wire mesh with a blackout cloth would not be perfect in order to fence and conceal at the lowest cost.

Of course it sells in different versions of quality, roll wires are available from 2 to 3mm thick, plus the stakes and force legs are also more or less thick. Especially since the canvas comes to hide the mesh and therefore no matter what type of fence you choose, it is the canvas that will determine the aesthetics of your realization.

The soft mesh with canvas is therefore logically a good choice in order to achieve a beautiful barrier at very low prices as long as it does not tear off, however this is where it can be a problem.

You will understand a soft wire mesh with a blackout cloth is the perfect cocktail so as not to have a tear off your fence from the first gales.

The canvas has a more than substantial wind grip and the soft mesh is not made to withstand any stress, so it is strongly not recommended to lay a canvas on a simple soft wire fence twist.

Exceptionally on a soft mesh of very small height (1,03m maximum), and in case you put pegs every 1 to 1.25 meters, a canvas can be considered under these conditions.

The quality of the wire mesh roller and especially the pegs and legs of forces are decisive so it is necessary to take advice from your fence operator.

The soft welded wire mesh

Unlike simple twist wire mesh, soft welded wire mesh is as the name clearly indicates, welded. This is often considered more resistant than knotted wire mesh, and it is slightly more expensive, which is therefore in this sense.

It arises with the same fence pegs as the single-twist knotted wire mesh and therefore there is no difference in quality regarding posts. On the other hand, the simple twist wire mesh is made up of diamond mesh which are knotted unlike soft welded, which, in turn, has rectangular welded mesh.

Concretely, soft welded wire mesh is no more resistant than a simple twist knotted wire mesh of good quality.

To come and lay a blackout canvas, there is therefore no difference from his little brother the simple wire mesh in roll, and it is not necessary to think that the soft welded is more resistant and allows easier installation of the blackout at the risk of jeopardizing your realization.

Just like the simple twist, therefore, do not take the risk of installing a screen screen canvas beyond 1,03m in height and under the condition of numerous pegs and high quality welded roller quality.

Rigid Panel Welded Wire Mesh

Rigid welded wire mesh, known by many names, the most common of which is “rigid wire mesh”, is therefore the latest in the family of fences wire rods. It is also today the best-selling type of wire mesh in France.

This type of wire mesh is different in all respects with its little brothers, the pegs are replaced here by much wider posts, the grates are here made of galvanized steel and are much thicker than soft which has the effect of making it rigid. Even the system for attaching the grid to its posts is modified and is done with very resistant stainless steel accessories or directly in the pole itself with a notch system.

Due to its design, the rigid mesh is therefore built to last and be robust, so it is more suitable for the installation of a blackout cloth in order to make a screenshots and/or windbreaks. But here again we must take precautions, because there are many variations of rigid grillage qualities. Each part of the fence offers in more or less robust quality, grids and posts may therefore be sufficient to accommodate a safe blackout cloth, but it is necessary to select and define the constraints that the barrier will face. Depending on the constraints that it will suffer (zone with wind, orientation, height of the fence, etc.), you will need to adapt suitable grids and posts.

For cases where the fence does not undergo any special stress with the installation of your blackout canvas grids in 4mm thick and posts in 1mm thick are much more than enough.

However if your strong fence has many constraints related to the installation of the canvas, it is therefore recommended to lay grids 5mm thick with posts in 1,2mm thick to ensure the robustness necessary to hold your rigid mesh over time.

The choice of the canvas screen is just as important as the fence itself

So if you want to ask a blackout canvas on your fence, so you have understood it is essential to choose its barrier well if you want it not to tear off. Of course, the choice of the canvas itself is paramount, from this results more or less from technical constraints.

The percentage of blackout of your canvas

The canvases sold by your cloturist, storist or DIY general practitioner are not all equal to the level of the blackout. Indeed, it is common to think that a blackout canvas is 100%, and that is not the case in most cases. Very often the canvases entered from the sold ranges are 70 -75% blackout, it is possible to see slightly through them. It is legitimate to ask why some canvases are more so than others and the answer is simple, it is a question of quality and usefulness.

Some rolls of canvases are sold with a blackout below 100% in order to slightly pass the wind and thus weaken the grip that the gusts have on the canvas and so on the mesh fence.

Other canvases are 100% blackout and therefore do not let the wind pass at all, which has the effect of soliciting enormously the fence and the canvas itself. In return, the completely blackout sight breaker fulfills much better its main utility, which is simply to conceal.

In conclusion, the closer the blackout percentage of the screen screen is 100%, the more it will have a significant wind grip and will allow it to do it better and thus fulfill its primary function as a screenbreak. Conversely, since the canvas has a lower percentage, it will be subject to wind constraints despite its function as a breakdown. It is therefore necessary to come to meet with its characteristics an additional data, the quality!

The quality of your blackout screen

The rolls of blackout canvases are offered in different qualities and this criterion must be taken into account in the same way as the blackout rate in order to ensure the holding of your canvas. Sometimes made of fabrics sometimes made of polyethylene, this canvas can be fragile as ultra tear-resistant.

In addition, some canvases are more or less dense and weigh more or less heavy, usually range between 130g/m2 and 350g/m2. It is therefore important to say that the heaviest canvases are usually the strongest.

Attention, of course, it is necessary to cross all the technical elements, because weight, even if it is rather representative, remains only one criterion of quality among others.

The more you choose a quality canvas, the more it can withstand stresses like the wind. In addition to price differences between an entry-level canvas and a medium canvas (high end are not blatant), so it will be wise to ensure a quality canvas in order to accompany your quality fence.

Your savings will be sharp, as a quality rigid fence with a canvas of the same quality ensures an unparalleled product life unlike poorly chosen products that could tear off in a few days.

The fasteners of your blackout cloth

A good fence and a good blackout cloth is nothing if they are not coupled with good fasteners. The fasteners are as you easily guessed, small fasteners that allow you to connect the canvas to your wire mesh. There are different qualities of fasteners, the most modest use PVC hose clamps that are the cheapest, but also the least aesthetic, while others use staple fasteners that are more suitable and also more aesthetic.

The advantage of specialized staples for the canvas is that they do not easily tear the canvas if pulled unlike cable ties, in addition to this they can be easily and quickly laid with a dedicated stapler.

In order to ensure that the canvas is held on your wire mesh, it is therefore essential to choose quality clasps and take the time to distribute them well over the entire height and length of your fence.

The more attachment points you put, the tighter the canvas will be fixed and glued to your wire mesh, even in the event of wind. It will only cost you time, because the price of the fasteners is derisory and will prevent you from the blackout cloth from tearing when you go and go on your fence.

The advice is therefore to give preference to qualitative clasps, to put a quantity of them not negligible and to distribute them well, do not forget that quality is often in detail is here is a truth.

The canvas between usefulness and pleasure! What are its advantages?

Now that you have had these tips and warnings for laying blackout cloth, it is now possible to ask yourself the following question: Is the screen screen a good solution to conceal a fence?

Let’s see what advantages blackout rolls have to offer you!

The price, the price and the price of your blackout web

How to talk about the benefits of any product without dwelling on its tariff would you tell me? The blackout canvas has as its first quality its price. Indeed, its prices are among the lowest of all covering canvases combined!

For an entry-level canvas, the price starts at less than 50 cents per metre linear, it’s simply incomparable and unbeatable! To know for comparison that a blackout with PVC blackout lamellas starts at 15€ TTC per linear meter for the best placed, or 30 times more expensive than a screen screen canvas (Attention we simply emphasize here the price difference and do not compare the quality of the products, this simply allows to point the finger the price unusually low canvases broken frames).

Of course for higher end canvases the price can be 2 to 3 times higher than the entry-level, but this remains a derisory and widely accessible price.

Be careful, however, choosing a blackout canvas requires, in parallel, to equip yourself with a quality fence and therefore a rigid mesh. The economy of the canvas still generates an increase in the cost of the fence itself. However, this remains if you want cover, the least expensive solution since it is not recommended to apply any screenscreen on soft wire mesh.

Another advantage in terms of the tariff that it is common not to think about, but which is very real, blackout in canvases are easy to transport and therefore you can either go and collect them yourself and therefore pay nothing except the product, or have you delivered at a much lower price than other products that are more bulky.

This combined with the already low price of the canvas increases the tariff gap between this web and the other blackout systems. If you are looking to fence your land and obscure your wire mesh, the screen is undoubtedly the most accessible solution!

The blackout canvas roll, quick and easy to install

Even if not all blackout canvases fasten with the same fasteners on your wire mesh, the system is still similar in all cases.

The most complicated canvases of laying attach to the wire mesh with tie collars, that is, you just need to strain your canvas against the mesh and come to pass the collars of fasteners through the canvas and embrace the wire mesh.

Then it is also necessary to repeat the operation in order to place a sufficient quality of staples. The more advanced fastener systems are special clasps that attach to your wire mesh and through your canvas using a stapler. Like the more conventional systems, you need to place many attachment points to ensure the perfect hold of the canvas at your fence.

However, with the stapler, the task is even simpler and faster. Whatever the structure of your canvas attaching to your wire mesh, it remains simple to install and fast, this is a definite advantage for all those who wish to quickly fencing and conceal a field without the help of professional. Moreover the fact of being able to pose is even and therefore not to appeal to a professional, allows more than serious savings, we find here again the first advantage that is the tariff.

It’s beautiful, it’s pro, the canvas is not for fun!

Rest assured, the content of this article is more qualitative than its titles!

So what is the canvas beautiful? There it is quite simple to answer it! Today it exists in an almost infinite color declination in order to match all the tastes of potential buyers. It also comes with prints (false foliage, geometric patterns, etc.), and it can also be placed in an original way as in this image!

As can be seen here, the canvas is used for simple purpose decoration, because it does not allow to conceal since it is not over the full height of the rigid wire mesh.

Some will like and others will not, but this is not a problem, because the canvas comes in many ways and therefore has more than one trick in its bag!

Today there are also rolls of blackout canvases in thin strips that come to braid in the rigid mesh horizontally and thus allows to give a new and different appearance than what we know to the delight of people wishing a fence at low prices, but also original!

Now you have to wonder how the canvas “It’s pro”?

The canvas is professional, because it can be an original communication tool, and who says original communication, says communication succeeds! Indeed some canvas dealers or cloturists offer to have patterns printed on them, so it is Possible to have an advertisement printed for your brand for example. Imagine your advertising over a whole length of fence that would be visible to potential customers, this one can only be noticed!

In conclusion the canvas screen can be useful to make your communication or simply decorate your fence in addition to its primary blackout function. It is a covering product that is older than the others, but it has also been since time, more successful on certain points.