CamSam Radar Free: Our Radar Warning Opinion

CamSam is an application that we hear more and more about. Like other applications, it is used to detect fixed and mobile radars and warn you of their presence at the right time and in the right place. Your mobile phone is transformed into a radar detector, which saves you from the unpleasant surprise. Radars or not radars, caution at the wheel, in any case.

How CamSam Radar app works

The CamSam Radar Free app is the German version of the Radardroid application. You should know that this application gives you information thanks to an extensive database of several countries outside France. However, the legislation is clear: in France, radar alarms do not comply with the law.

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CamSam’s goal is to notify you in real time of hazard zones (include: presence of radar). The CamSam Radar Free app for Android warns you in advance if you are approaching a fixed or mobile radar listed in the database. It seems that this is also a participatory application . By touching the screen, you can add a radar trap at any time and help enrich the community and the base.

An interface with various features

The interface you have access to with CamSam allows you to make basic but essential settings to any application of this type. You can opt for landscape mode, split mode (radar and list), forced update of real-time information , warnings settings (fixed radars, mobile speed cameras), sound settings, GPS radar notifications, app language, etc.

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The Radars option : It displays the nearest radars. You can disable voice notifications or voice messages in the app.

The List option : it displays all nearby radars, their direction, distance from the vehicle, and speed limits.

Split : This mode keeps an eye on both viewing modes of the application.

You can also simply return to the preferred viewing mode: Split, Radars, or List.

CamSam: a database radars

The CamSam Radar Free Android database includes more than 47,000 radar traps and updates regularly with information added by users.

Avoiding speed limiters is one thing, the law in France is another and road safety too. Also, our opinion remains shared on the famous CamSam Radar Free app.

CamSam App: Voice Notifications

This app works with voice alerts and notifications, so as not to disturb the driver of the vehicle. Remember thatit is dangerous to look at a screen while driving, even for a fraction of a second.

Notifications made to you by CamSam Radar Free inform you of 2 items:

  • The type of radar you will encounter;
  • Distance from radars concerned with respect to the vehicle;
  • The speed limit in the area where you are located.

It is possible to activate a visual notifications mode: your first officer will then inform you of the presence of the radar on your road.

How CamSam works in the background

If the app is running in the background on your mobile, the alarm will “wake up” 500 m before the traps, fixed or mobile radars. Even in the background, CamSam can update itself on Android.

Camsam app: free to download

There are several radar alarm applications. CamSam Radar Free is free, in the sense that downloading it for a smartphone running Android/Google is completely free.

Similar to Waze or Coyote applications, CamSam is based on a GPS system, with however, extended functionality (and not compliant). CamSam Radar Free is easily downloaded on Android, via Google Play. Check the availability of this app for iPhone.

Our opinion on the Camsam app

As we told you, our opinion on the CamSam app is mixed. This application is useful in the sense that it forces users to slow down. But, since legislation is what it is, a driver is not expected to exceed the permitted speed limit .

Waze, Coyote, CamSam… Practical for drivers who travel frequently, but illegal. Wanting to avoid radars and fines is legitimate, but choosing to break the law can bring you problems. Speeding is strictly regulated, controlled and sanctioned inFrance.