Blue duck : all you need to know

Do you like duck blue? Discover all the possibilities offered by this super trendy color. In interior decoration or even in combination of style colors for clothes, this beautiful color restores peps! find here some deco and trendy ideas with the color duck blue.

Redo its interior decoration in duck blue

We start, it is the duck blue that has been chosen! But why is duck blue color also appreciated? It’s impossible to escape, she’s everywhere. Furniture, small interior decoration, fabrics, paint, wall coverings and floor, accessories, clothing, shoes, wallpaper, etc.

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Yes, when fashion goes on, a color can be declined in 1,001 ways . So why not embark on the new decor painting of a random room, or your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom wall? Interior decoration easily tolerates bright colors: but still it is necessary to appreciate them.

For duck blue paint, find either a ready-made paint or a paint that you will make yourself from a mixture of shades (DIY shop and decor).

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The peculiarity of the color duck blue

Duck blue has one peculiarity: it is a cold color full of peps . The touch of yellow that enters its chromatic composition gives it life and makes it almost look like a warm or warm color.

In fact, the blue duck can come into any room of the house, without the risk of being too brutal or poorly integrated. Be careful, however, to make good combinations of colors so that your home decor breathes and does not croul under colors.

A living room with a pan of duck blue wall is a good way to bring a beautiful touch of joy and lightness to a house or apartment. A bedroom with decorative accessories duck blue will emit waves of softness but also happiness.

‘s up to you to find your style: the duck blue color can be inserted in small touches It into your home or take up more space: a sofa, the shade of your new duck blue velvet cushions, the walls of your living room or small furniture (design furniture, armchair, vintage table, etc.).

Fashion and decoration: combine duck blue with other colors

With what colors to associate duck blue? Whether in interior decoration or in fashion and style of clothes, you do not wear duck blue any way.

The duck blue pairs very well with the following colors :

  • white, timeless
  • the black, to highlight
  • navy blue, for a classy tone on tone
  • oak type natural wood, for a bright composition
  • mustard yellow or raspberry red hues

In terms of dress style, you can’t overly advise you to adhere to the basic rule in dressing : no more than three associated shades. For example, duck blue, white and wood will make a stunning living room decor.

Dress up with a duck blue cardigan, black pants, and mustard yellow earrings to make a feel and leave just enough of place in these beautiful combinations of colors and hues. “ Not too much” : do not underestimate the power of duck blue. Bright colors are a good way to break the fadeur and gray appearance of the winter season, for example, but a touch of color is enough to brighten up.

Duck blue: enjoy it as the color is fashionable

Our opinion and advice on the color of duck blue: enjoy “refueling” this beautiful color that has landed in our interior! So, ready to redo the painting decoration or dare duck blue in your style and colors of clothes?