Better Understanding Misophonia

A person with misophonia can be greatly disturbed by certain sounds or noises of everyday life. It can be sniffing, snoring or chewing. This is a disorder that is present in many people, and is not to be neglected, because it can cause disruptions to everyday life.

Common noises that can generate a state of stress

Nicolas, 32 years old, is suffering from misophony. He has suffered from this evil for about ten years, and no longer withstands a number of common noises. He says misophony came to him during a meal. The fact to hear people chewing caused him a significant state of stress.

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So he did not hesitate to leave the table. And since that day, Nicolas no longer supports a person who chews gum, or eats a banana. To describe his feeling, he says that it can put him in a state of extreme rage. His misophony means that he no longer goes to the restaurant, and he is increasingly inclined to isolate himself. The 30th anniversary always has earplugs within reach. There are other people who suffer from this ailment, and even consulted a psychotherapist without anything really changed.

How is misophonia manifested?

Some people suffering from misophonia can most often have choleric reactions. This anger can even turn into a real rage. Others may react in a different way to the understanding of these sounds. The latter category of people may experience heart palpitations, a feeling of suffocation, tremor or a lump in the throat. Being a victim of this type of evil can lead the person who suffers from it, to be permanently in a depressive state. She then increasingly tends to isolate herself to move away from these disturbing sounds.

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Solutions considered to relieve misophones

People with misophonia may resort to meditation or hypnosis to relieve themselves of their problems. There are even others who consult doctors who prescribe psychotropic drugs to them. A solution trail has been found to relieve misophones of their evil. It consists of a deprogramming of the negative sound feeling, with a replacement by a sound nice. By following this treatment for several weeks, the misophone could be released from its phobia of these sounds becoming unbearable.