Beauty secrets to the stars

Want to test a new cosmetic treatment but you don’t know which one to choose in the face of the incredible amount of brands on the market? What if you were inspired by the stars to make your choice?

Olaplex, Kim Kardashian’s favorite hair brand

Kim Kardashian is famous for many things. Her family, her husband, his generous curves, her sometimes intimate videos, but also for her dream physique!

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She knows how to highlight herself thanks to her long hair. It is sometimes brown, sometimes blonde, and sometimes even pink. But what is his secret to keeping beautiful hair despite such frequent discolorations?

This is the Olaplex brand. Small cosmetic miracle, this hair care range comes in 7 complementary products all numbered (from 1 to 7 if you have followed!). They were created to revitalize hair damaged by discolorations, but also by straightening or any other aggressive exposures to the hair (repeated drying, exposure to cold or sun, pollution…).

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This range, often presented as a real revolution by some hair professionals, replenishes disulfide bonds (which allow to connect keratin). These bonds (or disulfide bridges) are particularly malerated by the chemical processes of discoloration or permanent ones. Thanks to Olaplex technology, the hair is repaired and protected.

The skin secret of Victoria Beckham or Gwyneth Paltrow? Dermalogica!

Stars are sometimes criticized for being too make-up or even retouched on photos that appear in magazines or on social networks. Some even go so far as to say that without their artifices, celebrities are ugly. That’s not always true! Stars can be simply spoiled by nature, or they can equip themselves with the right products.

This is the case of Daily Microfiliant, bestseller of Dermalogica brand. It is part of the beauty routine of Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham or Charlize Theron. He also conquered blogger Emily Weiss who does not hesitate to quote the brand during her interviews in leading women’s magazines. So why do this brand and its flagship product appeal so much?

Dermalogica is an American company founded in 1986. She has built her success on two foundations: a passionate consideration of skin health in the creation of her treatments and advanced expertise in cosmetic technology .

The Daily Microfiliant is the perfect example: it is an enzymatic exfoliant (i.e. it has no grains) composed of salicylic acid, rice extracts, white tea and licorice, phytic acid or oatmeal. A clever mix of nature and soft chemistry!

Do not hesitate and quickly test these brands loved by the stars!