Banque Postale: Certicode plus, for safer transactions

Banque Postale, like all banks, has switched to digital. The Certicode plus service allows you to secure your so-called sensitive or engaging transactions such as online payment or adding a payee for your transfers as well as the transfers themselves.

Certicode plus: what is it and what is it for?

Certicode is the online service that allows you access certain services and information about your bank account. It offers services that allow you, in the form of an application or from your computer, to perform certain operations in the best possible security conditions.

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This is an authentication service that allows you to secure the validation of your transactions if they are considered engaging or sensitive. This allows you to perform certain operations in peace of mind such as:

    • Add a beneficiary for your transfers from the mobile app or website
    • Change your contact information directly from your Internet customer area without moving around or contacting the agency by phone
    • Perform transfers, permanent or temporary, then Internet client area
    • Check the balance of your


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The benefits of this service

The principle is based on the fact that some operations that you can only do when you are on the go are now accessible from your smartphone or tablet, so it has some advantages:

  • You have more autonomy: by activating this service on your mobile application: “La Banque Postale” or your customer area on the bank’s website, you can access certain operations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without having to move to the post office and without waiting.
  • This is a more convenient service: you can quickly validate all your management operations with a personal code you choose when you activate this service. To do this, you will receive a notification directly on the app.
  • More of operations : it is now possible to apply for the addition of a beneficiary from the Banque Postale mobile application without having to consult your advisor and move around.
  • A more secure service : you perform your operations safely thanks to different levels of protection: these are done from your smartphone or tablet on which you have activated this service. You have a personal code that belongs to you and that you chose when you activated Certicode Plus.
  • A very simple service : you make a transaction from your online customer area. You will then receive a validation code, which can only be used once. If you live in metropolitan France, this code is sent to you by SMS on your mobile phone. If you live in abroad, you will receive a voice message on your mobile or landline phone. You then enter this code on your Internet space and the operation can then be validated. Reassuring protection for your transactions.

Good to know : Certicode Plus works from an application that can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone, if you do not have one, you will need to contact your advisor at Banque Postale.

Subscribe to Certicode Plus service: the steps

Subscription to Certicode service goes through two steps:

The first step: You request the activation of Certicode Plus from your customer area. To do this, follow this procedure:

  • Log in to your customer area
  • Then go to the “subscription” section, then “online services” and “certicode more”
  • Click on “Activate certicode plus”
  • Verify your personal information
  • Validate

The second step is to finalize the activation from the Banque Postale application:

    • Log in to your Banque postale app
    • Click on “Manage” and then on “Certicode Plus”
    • Then start activation
    • Enter the activation code you received by email or SMS
    • Enter the name of your device
    • Choose your personal code
    • All you have to do is confirm activation

Rates for this service

Certicode Plus membership is linked to the online banking subscription, completely free of charge at Banque Postale. So you don’t pay any fees when you activate your Certicode Plus service.

Requirements to activate Certicode Plus

To activate Certicode Plus, you must meet certain conditions:

  • You must be a Banque Postale customer
  • It is also necessary to be major and capable
  • You must have an online subscription for consultation and management purposes

Certicode Plus Activation Request: Steps

To request the activation of Certicode Plus, you must be logged in to your customer area:

From the identification page of the Banque Postale site, you must enter your identity document (10 digits). Then you will be asked for a pass. You then select the corresponding numbers from among those offered to you on the virtual keyboard by simply clicking on them with your mouse. You can undo easily in case error.

Once you have entered both of these information, you click Validate and you are logged in.

To have your username and password: When you open your account with Banque Postale, you will receive two letters. The first contains your 10-digit ID. The second allows you to have your password consisting of six digits. Both of these are essential when you log in for the first time. You will then need to change your password. You will find your login on your account statements.

Once you are connected to your Internet client area, you go to the Management, Security, and Opposition section, and then click Certicode Plus. Then, to activate the service, follow the steps indicated above.

How do I use the Certicode Plus service?

Once the service is activated, here’s how Use it:

Log in to your customer area with your login and password linked to your online banking.

Then follow the following steps:

  • Look for the menu you are interested in and go
  • Follow the procedure to perform the desired operation
  • Validate the input, the screen will then be put on hold
  • You will immediately receive a notification on the smartphone you selected
  • Open the notification, make sure that the operation you want to perform matches what you want
  • Enter your personal code
  • Your operation is validated

Lost IDs: Solutions to Recover

If you have forgotten your personal code, go to your Internet customer area. Go to the menu, then click Manage, Security & Opposition, Certicode Plus and Device Management. Your service is now disabled and you will receive a new activation code in the mail. You will then be able to reactivate the service using this password for the first time, which you will then change. It will be necessary to reactivate your smartphone or tablet before.

On the screen for entering your password, you also have a link: “forgotten personal code”, you just have to click on it.