Astrological Sign Scorpio (character, personality, compatibility)

Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Scorpio or you know someone from the astrological sign of Scorpio? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Guide Astro Scorpion and discover the specificities of this sign: character, personality, compatibility.

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  • Characteristics of Scorpio
    • Scorpio in a few words
    • The personality of the Scorpio
      • Pulses and transgression
      • A person of emotions and lucidity
      • Will and complexity
  • Scorpio and love
    • Passion and complexity Fugue
  • Being Scorpio today
    • Compatibility of Scorpio with other astrological signs

Features of Scorpio

Scorpio is the zodiac astrological sign that extends from October 24 to November 22. Scorpio is the second sign of autumn. It’s a feminine sign, and fixed. The sign of Scorpio is a sign of water ruled by Pluto.

In mythology, Scorpio is found in the myth of Orion. This hunter had the misfortune to surprise the goddess Artemis naked. He wanted to undermine his integrity and violate it. But Artemis brought out a scorpion, who pricked Orion in the heel. The scorpion would then have been placed in the sky, in the constellation Scorpio we know today.

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Scorpio in a few words

Here are in a few words the terms that best define the person, man or woman, who is of the astrological sign of Scorpio: death, power, transformation, sexuality, passion , desire, mystery and regeneration. It’s a mysterious sign that contains many secrets. It is often associated with all the elements that can be destructive in humans.

The personality of the Scorpio

The person of the astrological sign Scorpio, in the zodiac known in the West, is associated withbeing whole in everything he undertakes. Scorpio is an astrological sign that contains magic and a large part of strength, linked to the possibility of reincarnation. That said, Scorpio is also associated with tyranny, excess and outrance . Breaking to rebuild defines rather well the native or the native su astrological sign of Scorpio.

It is even said that any Scorpio who respects himself in his Scorpio nature can be jealous, possessive, resentful or avenging. The low human impulses can be embodied in this sign, which is not necessarily a curse, if Scorpio accepts consciously what he is and works on him.

Pulses and transgression

The native of the astrological sign of Scorpio is driven by his urges. He prefers to destroy in order to rebuild on other bases rather than remain prisoner of a situation. Radical, transgressive, Scorpio has a huge advantage for him: he knows how to detect the weaknesses of each other but also the smallness of man. Its strength will lie in putting this lucidity at the service of beautiful values rather than following darker sides and urges.

Scorpio’s life choices, guided by its impulsional side, can lead him to environments such as eroticism or pornography. However, transgression is not an eternal feature of Scorpio. With age, like any sign and like any person, Scorpio can learn to control his impulses and goes less and less towards this transgressive, even subversive aspect. Despite violent and vengeful instincts, Scorpio can be sensitive.

A person of emotions and lucidity

Loyal and whole : Scorpio is a being who does not know how to act in the half-measure. His actions reflect his loyalty to himself but also to those around him. Break to rebuild, certainly, but out of loyalty to oneself and not to betray one’s vital needs to respect oneself, even if this respect implies following the path of impulse. Locating a Scorpio in wisdom would not succeed him anyway.

Scorpio is a being of emotions , who knows how to give all their place to these fluctuations. Sometimes in affection, sometimes in the impulse, sometimes in the sweetness, then in The Scorpio is indomitable and to respect it, it is also to take note of this nature that animates it and of the emotions that pass through it in a whole way.

The natives of the sign of Scorpio are also beings of lucidity about others and about themselves . With an unusual sense of psychology, they have a lucid analysis of what is happening and can sometimes use this gift to their advantage.

Will and Complexity

The native of Scorpio is voluntary but remains a very hard personality to understand. To love him, you have to take it as it is, quite simply. Tough in work , it can be! He does not step back from any challenge and does not let go of his mission until it is over.

When attacked, the Scorpio will respond with great aggressiveness to anyone who will endanger his sensitivity. He wants lead, and dominate, somewhere: this can make them inveterate but somewhat impulsive leaders . This is the whole force of the complexity of the astrological sign of Scorpio. One tip: do not push a Scorpio to its end, you will lose feathers in it.

Scorpio and love

Endowed with a great sensitivity , the Scorpio does not reveal itself entirely at first glance. His aggressiveness is also there to parry, and test. Natives of the sign of Scorpio often have a well complicated sentimental life.

A Scorpio is very passionate . He knows how to give but is not fooled. He will be able to enter into a logic of revenge if necessary and in order to protect his interests and heal his wounds by inflicting. If Scorpio is betrayed, you have every interest in fleeing, because in reality, the violence of the wound can exceed your imagination.

Idealistic, the Scorpio will do everything to remain in an energy of search for Love. He will experience the ardor of his desires, and will not be associated with simplicity. Fusion, passionate, dominating, powerful and absolute, this is the painting of Scorpio in love. Having few taboos, Scorpio is a magnetic and jealous being. He likes to transgress, especially on the side of his sexuality, which can be unbridled. He is looking for new experiences and in search of renewal, metamorphosis. Favor of heat, he therefore flees from the warmth of feelings. He needs action!

Passion and passion

Love and hatred are the two pendants of the astrological sign of Scorpio. He will gladly go to psychodrama rather than calm down and question himself. Extraordinary reputed lover, he can therefore break hearts, whether Scorpio is man or woman!

It goes to everything that makes it feel living, even if he has to burn his wings in experiments perhaps too burning for him, especially with regard to the desire for control. Very whole in love, Scorpio will be a loyal and very protective spouse on many points. He knows how to attach himself and be endearing in the long run, if he meets a partner who knows how to take his attitudes for what they are and channel the Scorpio in his own way, in mutual exchange. Possessive, the Scorpio will like to dominate in the romantic relationship.

Parent, Scorpio has a very strong sense of family and protects his children, who are the apple of his eyes.

Being Scorpio Today

Being a Scorpio today means knowing and recognizing what situation we are putting in and why our horoscope can actually guide us! The Scorpio will jump from stone to stone, leaving indelible traces on his path and making him talk about him.

Let this stand, the life of Scorpio is not a tragic or cursed destiny. Taming it, the Scorpio will know how to give the best of himself. By taming himself , the Scorpio will unveil his most beautiful strengths and learn to do less harm in his path.

In work, in love or in all the relational aspects, Scorpio will be noticed. Prepare for detonating encounters that will change your life forever! Scorpio will know how to give the best of himself by discovering himself through all life experiences.

By fully accepting its power of transformation, regeneration, mystery and metamorphosis, Scorpio will go from slices of life to slices of life retaining all its power . The reluctance and resistance in front of him will soften him little by little until giving the most beautiful of human collaborations that it is given to live together.

Compatibility of Scorpio with other astrological signs

Astrological signs in affinity with Scorpio: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn.

Astrological signs that cause problems to Scorpio: Aquarius, Leo.

The complementary sign of Scorpio:Taurus .