Astrological Sign Gemini (character, personality, compatibility)

Are you interested in the horoscope and all the astrological signs? Are you Gemini or do you know a person with the astrological sign of Gemini? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic sign of the zodiac, determined by your date of birth? Woman or man, follow our Astro Gemini Guide and discover the specifics of this sign: character, personality, compatibility.

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  • Features of Gemini
    • The Gemini in a few words
    • The personality of Gemini
      • Sociability, charm and seduction
      • A complex and touch-in-touch person
    • Calm and storm
  • Gemini and love
    • Seductive, optimistic & # 8230; or pessimistic?
    • A romantic fearful
  • Being
    • Gemini today Compatibility of Gemini with other signs astrological

Features of Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac astrological sign that extends from May 21 to June 20. Gemini is therefore the third sign of spring. It is a sign of air , masculine, very mutable and ruled by Mercury.

In mythology, Gemini refers to the myth of Heavenly Twins. These are Castor and Pollux , the Mortal and the Immortal. The Immortal allegedly undertook to share his immortality with his brother Castor. Zeus then decided to dispose of them in the heavens, hence the constellation of Gemini, which resembles two people holding by the hand.

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Gemini in a few words

Here are in a few words the terms that best define the person, man or woman, who is of the astrological sign of Gemini: curiosity, intelligence, communication, movement but also instability. Gemini is often related to correspondence, writings, letters, and generally to the very strong and sometimes overflowing mind. We also make the link between Gemini and studies. He represents the brothers and sisters par excellence.

The personality of Gemini

The person of the astrological sign Gemini, in the zodiac known in the West, is associated with sociability . Charming and fun, the native of the astrological sign of Gemini is usually, when he is in a good mood, pleasant, light, spontaneous, adaptable, generous and very flexible with his entourage.

Having said that, we know well, Gemini is dependent on its duality. When it is rather in a bad mood, all its negative counterpart can come out. He can bite his fingers to have been generous, for example! He bothers in the routine , which can lead to excessive behavior.

Sociability, charm and seduction

Gemini is very surrounded by all kinds of people so its sociability is strong. That said, a great sense of loneliness can exist with Gemini, who sometimes does not take the time to dig out his relationships. However, the company of Gemini is sought after, but its duality may be differently different from living on a daily basis.

Great talkative, Gemini likes to talk, talk, talk, but above all about others, which makes him a little too beautiful speaker and seducer. We always wonder what purpose the Gemini is going to talk about. He knows how to tell stories, and his audience listens to him with passion. Gemini likes to be listened to, heard and knows how to awaken passions with his talk.

This great seducer , however, can see his charm turn against him at the moment when it is necessary to provide more effort than simple appearances and Perlimpinpin powder. Gemini is a notable liar and can be caught in his own game if he is not vigilant.

A complex and touch-at-all person

Gemini has an extremely complex and sometimes incomprehensible personality of other signs, do not dislike the Gemini who would read this horoscope. It is neither positive nor negative, though. Complexity is an asset. Gemini is a touch of everything that will find refuge from its overflowing complexity in the action and variety of projects initiated.

A person of the astrological sign of Gemini will tend to embark on various projects, without ever digging thoroughly. He doesn’t finish his plans because he gets tired. It may tend to let go when it is most necessary to stay and persevere , whether in love, in the professional field or in his relationships and projects.

The leak is unfortunately a classic reflex in Gemini. If it happens to feel a complex of inferiority in front of himself or other people, the Gemini will let go and will not question his responsibilities, when it would be well worth it.

Quiet and storm

Falsely calm, Gemini is often a great anxiety , behind a carefree facade. Very uncomfortable with his own emotions, Gemini struggles to accept and control themselves. This can give explosive temperaments and complete inability to handle situations where emotions are strong. Talented and competent in many aspects of his life, Gemini sometimes feels stuck between the image he makes shimmer of him and which he aspires to be in the depths of himself.

Making a good figure and keeping your mask is paramount, as Gemini does not know how to manage his emotions. Life will teach Gemini by the force of things to control themselves and to stop lying, keeping appearances out of fear of judgment.

Gemini and love

Gemini is an astrological sign that is perceived as unstable. His or her partner will have to show stability and patience in the face of the inconstancy and complexity of the Gemini person.

Gemini is very strong in derision but often possesses a very powerful ego, this little voice that will often tell him that he is not up to the height and that will make him change his mind in his commitments. Retrieving lightness and spontaneity can be very difficult for the native of the astrological sign of Gemini if he was betrayed.

Attractive, optimistic… or pessimistic?

Caught in its duality, Gemini will be sometimes optimistic, sometimes pessimistic, without constancy . In love, these changes will be unwelcome and will be able to exhaust the couple if the partner is not prepared and solid as rock!

Le Gémeaux will like to travel alone or with his partner , in order to always discover new horizons. If he likes to be a home home, then it will be elsewhere that he will multiply the discoveries of love… The exciting projects, alone or together, will be real engines of stability of torque with a Gemini.

Since Gemini is unstable by nature, he will have to learn to cope with his responsibilities and to master himself if he wants to keep love close to him. The fact that Gemini is sometimes optimistic or sometimes pessimistic means that Gemini lies to itself and can transform reality to its advantage. He can become well despite him manipulative.

A fearful romantic

Gemini is afraid of commitment : persevere! With a panic fear of losing his freedom, the Gemini will suddenly become very serious and lose his jovial side in the couple, to turn again to what feeds him: sociability, appearances, superficiality. Gemini will be able to suffer from his own patterns by buttering so while he is a great romantic and he dreams of Great Love. The mind takes over and can isolate it: be vigilant.

Being Gemini Today

Years and emotional maturity will make Gemini an exceptionally loving person. That said, fear can make things take time to get in place.

Flying over life and running away will play towers to Gemini. It will be necessary to show magnanimity by taking responsibility and stopping buttering. Thus, he will gain the trust of his peers and will be able to flourish at best in all areas. Knowing each other well, Gemini will no longer seek himself and will no longer need to exist through others.

In the field of love, professional or friendship, Gemini will have to learn the lessons and teachings of each experience before letting themselves be seduced or seduced again. That said, the pleasant side of Gemini will always get it off!

Compatibility of Gemini with other astrological signs

Astrological signs in affinity with Gemini: Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Libra .

Astrological signs that pose problems to Gemini: Virgin Capricorn, Fish.

The complementary sign of Gemini:Sagittarius .