Amazing optical illusion: test and explanation of 50 illusions

Discover incredible optical illusions! They have always fascinated both big and small. All audiences are amazed by these cartoons, animations, photos, staging that play with illusion and which inspire many artists. Today we test for you 50 optical illusions. And of course, we explain them to you at the end of this article if you still do not understand anything… Gare in your eyes!

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A genius has managed to make these dragons look at you…

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Accident anticipated?

This disciple of Escher knew how to make a funny elephant… how many paws do you count?

Are gray bars straight?

We prove that the square is of the same color…

Do you see twisted lines?

Among these zebras hides a lion…

In what direction does the dancer turn?

Everything turns!

With black cards, we animate the inanimate!

How to make orange juice

An easy to carry cube

And yet, it’s an image and nothing moves…

If you are told that the middle circles are the same size…

Keep your breakfast with you…

A photographer’s work on double… Bluffing!

Do you have the feeling that’s spinning? This is not a video or gif!

Fix the green dot for a few seconds then look at what happens to the yellow dots…

Are these circles intertwined?

Are the two squares of the same color? Hide with your finger the


This is a classic optical illusion: all three cars are the same size!

Attach the yellow dot, move your head: pink rings begin to spin!

If you don’t go crazy with this one…

We have fun counting white dots and black dots

Does it move a little too much? The image is still fixed

Everyone follows? The orange circle does not change its size…

Praise slightly and you will see a known face appear…

Attach this woman’s nose for 10 seconds. Quickly blink your eyes looking at a clear wall. Surprise, you see the face appear in color!

The mirror, enough to be cold in the back!

You want to climb on this globe ?


The classic illusion: how is this triangle made?

Do you see beautiful women, like in magazines? Flip the image…

The tower of Pisa right seems more leaning? Yet these are two identical and juxtaposed photos.

Behind this so-called “mask” actually hide two faces: you see them?

Frog or horse?

Kanizsa’s illusion: depending on the shape of the notches, you see geometric shapes in the center of the squares… © Daniel Picon


An illusion to give you seasickness… This static image is very strong!

The red background is uniform even if it looks dark or light depending on the locations and colors of the stripes. Look good…! © Daniel Picon

Example of ancient illusion: man or horse? Both. © Daniel Picon

Do you think the letters are square? © Daniel Picon

Are the black bars straight? If we tell you… © Daniel Picon

In this image, is the distance between two yellow squares always the same?

Are the two little girls the same size?

Is the red dot closer to the top than the base? Answer: he’s equidistant! © Daniel Picon

Duck or rabbit?

Attach this image then look at someone’s face… Effect guaranteed!

You see the black dots?

If you hide the sides of the corridor, speed slows down… bluffing, isn’t it?

What is an optical illusion?

An illusion of optics comes from the perceptions or views that one has on an image or pattern. The mental load created from our eyes can make us see a whole bunch of shapes, colors, dimensions, or movements. Whether from a photo or an image (black and white or color), these optical effects are real puzzles! The brain is deceived for a few seconds. And our brain is done so: the mental photo, the information and the reading we do are analyzed but sometimes poorly decrypted.

Thus, even if your eye is well sharpened, you will feel like you don’t understand any illusions! Lama, dog, animals, colors, faces, lines… the list is long and Internet users love to have fun. Ready? Appointment available and test with our optical illusions! Eureka! You will enter the mysteries of science: watch out that these games do not become your new Lubie…

In addition, you can read articles on optical illusions to understand how the brain or eye works. Enjoy your brain with Youtube video channels dedicated to these science phenomena. You even create your own optical illusion!