All the advantages of Montesssori children’s bed

Have you heard of the Montessori bed? This children’s bed has many advantages. It developed a few years ago with the first idea of being a floor bed that empowers the child. We introduce you to all the specificities and advantages of the Montessori bed, a revolution for the child!

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  • Child Development: what is a Montessori bed?
    • A wooden cabin for children The child
  • and learning through the Montessori bed
  • The main advantages of a Montessori bed
  • From what age to use the Montessori bed?
  • Adapt the bedroom for bed Montessori
    • Zero obstacle, zero danger
  • Montessori bed: a hut to make the revolution!
  • Bed models Montessori

Child development : what is a Montessori bed?

A Montessori bed, also called a cabin bed, is an innovative bed concept. A mattress is placed on the floor: this method is entirely suitable for the baby and young child.

Indeed, the Montessori bed promotes better learning and autonomy for the very little child. The child is built on a solid basis of logical learning, well-being and fulfillment.

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There has been a real Montessori bed fashion in recent years, and for good reason. This method is an alternative to the classic bed and remains very popular with parents who plan to enable their child to experience healthy development.

A wooden hut for children

The Montessori bed can be in the form of a simple mattress on the floor, or overhanged by a wooden “hut”. The layout of the mattress and hut put the child in total safety and have a whole set of advantages that we will see together.

The freedom and autonomy favored by a Montessori bed are all that a child needs. When choosing a Montessori bed, parents respond to the primary need of the child, which is to feel safe .

What could be better than a pretty log hut above the head to make sweet dreams? By arranging a mattress on the floor, the child is in total safety. He learns for himself to set limits and know when to get back to the center of the bed before rolling outside the mattress. He avoids hurting himself and falling in the middle of the night, and his parents are also reassured.

The child and learning thanks to the Montessori bed

By choosing a Montessori bed, parents clearly commit themselves to an alternative pedagogy that promotes the healthy development of the child. A set of pedagogical theories have been developed by Dr. Maria Montessori , hence the name of bed Montessori.

Maria Montessori lived in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and had her vision of the child, pedagogy, psychology and science. These writings and theories have emerged from practices and methods developed in accordance with the fundamental principles enacted by Maria Montessori at the time.

Maria Montessori planned to review the education of the child by offering more freedom. As a direct consequence, this freedom is meant to allow the child to empower themselves and grow up with confidence in him .

The main advantages of a bed Montessori

With a Montessori bed, parents no longer need to be there to absolutely sleep their child in bed: he can go there on his own without effort. As the end of the day is often tiring for a child, if he needs to get into bed and concentrated, he can quickly come up with unnecessary frustration.

Faced with this observation, the elaboration of the Montessori hut bed or bed has become obvious. The child comes in and out of bed in freedom, autonomy and enjoys taking his right place in a peaceful way.

The mere fact of always feeling that they need parents for the slightest gesture can block or curb the child’s desire for autonomy. With a Montessori bed, these questions are no longer on the agenda!

From what age to use the Montessori bed?

Big question: from what age a Can baby be put in a cabin bed in the form of a small wooden house? The Montessori bed is completely designed to make babies sleep safely on the mattress placed on the floor.

To find out if your baby is ready to go to sleep alone as a big one in his Montessori bed, assess his motor abilities. It is they who will give the green light. Do not take unnecessary risks and do not push your child to go too early in a bed that does not suit him.

From the age of 6 or 9 months , a small child, any baby he is, is fully able to empower himself and take his bearings in a Montessori bed. Your baby must be able to move alone in the bed, and move, otherwise he risks great discomfort.

Adapt the bedroom for bed Montessori

If you decide to take the step and choose a Montessori bed, the entire bedroom of Baby will have to be fully adapted to his new movements.

If he is able to get out of his cabin bed or wooden house bed alone, he will want to go mop everywhere . The room space must therefore be completely safe and secure around the bed. Any material at risk must be removed from the mattress and its surroundings.

Zero obstacle, zero danger

The child must be able to move around the Montessori bed without any obstacles to encounter. In short, choosing a Montessori bed involves some small adjustments in order to completely secure the space for the child.

Install a security fence, store objects hanging out on the floor, move away objects at height and put yourself in the place of a very curious little child who will go explore his room like an adventurer in a parallel world!

Montessori bed: a hut to make the revolution!

Not only is the Montessori bed totally suitable for the child and baby, but it also promotes imagination and dream universe. Decorate the room in a suitable way to highlight the Montessori bed. Your child will create his own universe and his own story around his wooden hut.

The Montessori bed is not a traditional bed: you can afford to redecorate your child’s room in accordance with this quirky side! No more bobos , falls, pains due to a snag in the foot of the bed… Your child will discover motor skills, autonomy, freedom and confidence in him in a few months, for lightning progress.

Bed models Montessori

The wooden cabin bed on the floor is of course not the only bed model Montessori but it remains the best known and most widespread.

The tepee bed also exists, or the classic Montessori bed model. Your choice will also be based on your home or apartment: the ceiling height and the size of the room count.

you have to do is test the Montessori bed for your child or for your baby. Go ahead without fear , confidently All explain to him his new room layout and you will see: everything is fluid.

If it may seem quite luxurious to opt for a beautiful brand new wooden bed stamped Montessori method and new pedagogy, rest assured that you are making an investment for the future . Your children, trusting them, will be responsible and respectful adults. What better to ask for?