All or all: how to spell?

Spelling has its meanders and it is natural to sometimes get lost in it. Today, we give you the topo on the spelling of “everything” and “all”, in context and in a simple and accessible way.

How to use everything/all without mistake

Everything and all are two little words that are confusing. Everything is actually a word that can be declined in gender and number. This means that it can be put in masculine and feminine, singular and plural. And all the subtlety of this word lies there.

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Everything can thus become :

singular masculine: all

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masculine plural: all

feminine singular: any

feminine plural: all

Everything is a defined adjective that agrees with the name it determines. If “everything” is refers to a plural feminine name, we are obliged, in French, to pass the definite adjective to feminine and plural, which will give all.

Not to be mistaken, nothing like training. But this is not enough! Since the name to which everything relates will determine the genus and number of the defined adjective, then it is essential to know first of all the kind of each name and its number.

For French learners, it may seem simple (albeit!) , but when it comes to foreign learners who are not accustomed to such variations, the exercise can be complex.

Did you know that in English there is no gender on common names? Englishman arriving in France are destabilized by so many grammar and spelling rules. The only occurrence in which gender differentiation can be noted, will be when the English refer to a boat, a plane: it will be a “she!

The grammatical rules of agreement of gender and number must be known by heart in order to have a good basis in French.

Everything, all, all, all: train with exercises

Confusion occurs more generally between everything and all, that is, the instances of everything that sometimes pronounce themselves in the same way. Indeed, depending on the practice and the regions, the final “s” is not necessarily pronounced, which misleads the interlocutor.

Many exercises can be done to alternate feminine, masculine, singular and plural. Make multiple combinations between gender and number:

Tou… modern houses are not of the taste of all the world, because all… do not agree on the tou… power of contemporary architects, who build to all -va.”

Up to you to play! It is necessary to know that with the word “all”, many readymade expressions exist. These are sometimes exceptions, which it is necessary to learn by heart.

French grammar and spelling are essential elements for oral and written expression. Today, while it seems complex to embark on learning the French language, it is nevertheless the useful passport. In everyday life, for work, for communication, spelling and grammar are essential for good integration. French courses are useful, for this and can help you not to go wrong between everything and all !

Don’t be mistaken between adverb, pronoun, determinant or adjective : the functions of each word are studied in grammar. To learn the subtleties of the French language, nothing like patience, perseverance and motivation. The word “tout” can have different functions depending on its use, its place in the French sentence.

Tip : if you have doubts about the employment and agreement of everything, everything, all and all, you just needto change gender and number . Sometimes instinct takes over and gives you the correct answer, spelling and engrammar.