Advertising flag: ideal to stand out

The advertising flag is one of the most popular advertising products in signage. Also known as beach flag, sailing or oriflamme, advertising flags are ideal for giving visibility to your brand: a good way to stand out on a stand, in any professional occasion or event. Price, printing, communication… We explain everything about the advertising flag.

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  • The advertising flag, a promotional signage tool
    • What is the advertising flag used for?
  • Why choose an advertising flag on your booth?
  • Make a good impression with advertising flag or oriflame
  • Advertising flags at all prices

Advertising flag, a promotional signage tool

The advertising flag or oriflamme is a popular signage concept on all professional events. Whether it’s for a show, a launch party, a private corporate party or to animate and decorate your booth in an exhibition hall, advertising flags offer excellent visibility.

What is the advertising flag for?

An advertising flag animates and decorates a point of sale or information, but not that. It promotes your services and energizes your communication effectively. In the business and corporate world, advertising flags in the form of sailing or beach flag are both communication and marketing tools .

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While giving visibility to your brand, they deliver a message of your choice. You choose customization: logo, colors, text, print type, size, height, format, visual and images, fabric… You have many choices for your custom advertising flag. The price adapts to your requirements: it is possible to find advertising flags at all prices and for all budgets.

Did you know that? An advertising flag can be seen even in the absence of wind . No need to be outdoors to enjoy excellent visibility. The eye of the passerby is attracted by advertising flag, indoors or outdoors.

Why choose an advertising flag on your booth?

It makes sense to choose an advertising flag for all your events for many reasons:

  • The advertising flag catches the eye with its movement, its message and its colors
  • Advertising flags look better than a classic billboard
  • Strong and presented on one foot, it is mobile and mounts quickly and easily
  • The advertising flag also delineates a space and can be reused sustainably on any occasion
  • The advertising flag is fully customizable for indoor or outdoor use (waterproof and solidity)

Make a good impression with an advertising flag or oriflame

An oriflamme or advertising veil is a good alternative to the classic and inconspicuous billboard. Thanks to its size, it is more suitable for human size than a double-sided panel: the beach flag instantly catches the eye . However, it does not interfere and actively and dynamically promotes your products. Your sales stand or information point are thus energized.

New advertising tools are constantly emerging. Opting for an advertising flag gives an image of dynamics and modernity that is essential to the brand image of a company or brand.

Advertising flags at all prices

The feather advertising flag is easy to customize. From design to printing and marking, this stand communication product is chosen in various materials, matt or film-coated. You choose the options that suit you. Quotation requests are simple from manufacturers of advertising flags and signage display equipment . In addition, the advertising flag is available in fast delivery and adapted to your needs.

The price of flags and an oriflamme will depend on your choice of printing and creation. Discover a range of quality flags , polyester, double-sided printing, etc. For optimal advertising display, choose flags advertising and oriflames. Their use is suitable for any company wishing to have a product more effective than a banner or a simplebanner.