Advertising balloon: in what cases to use them?

How to stand out on the market with a communication medium out of the batch? The advertising balloon is today very popular in marketing and communication. We tell you why and in what cases to opt for this real advertising asset that makes you gain visibility.

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  • Advertising balloon: visibility for your events
  • Balloon advertising balloon: a powerful marketing tool
  • In which cases to use advertising balloons?
    • Which size of inflatable advertising balloon to choose?
  • Balloon shapes inflatable balloons in balloons
    • A second breath to your comm’ with the advertising balloon
  • Why choose to buy an advertising balloon on pole for your event?
  • How much does a giant balloon or balloon without helium cost?

The advertising balloon: visibility for your events

An advertising balloon can boost your events and give you increased visibility for your communication. This increasingly fashionable advertising object enhances your image, beautifies evenings and allows you to animate any professional event.

The principle is simple: this is an inflatable balloon, with a personalized advertising marking with your logo, the colors of your company. An effective way to send a strong message by attracting attention at the right time, in the right place. The helium with which advertising balloons are filled make balloons float and animate a whole sector.

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Balloon advertising in balloon: a powerful marketing tool

For all business situations, the advertising balloon can serve you as a more powerful marketing tool than many advertising items classics. Why? For the simple and good reason that the custom balloons come out of the batch (personalised marking). With its playful shape, colours, simple customization and layout that offers better visibility , the ball brings a personalized touch to any event.

This original balloon concept seduces many entrepreneurs and professionals. By standing out in a hangar or in an event lounge, balloons attract the eye and curiosities. A simple advertising balloon can be used to engage in dialogue and open unsuspected professional doors. Bring your ideas and your business to life with inflatable balloons in balloons: the leaders who test the advertising balloon are delighted with feedback customers, suppliers, partners and sponsors.

Because marketing, communication and arguments advertisers are constantly evolving, it is essential to stand out. Moving forward by opting for the broadcast of an original message on a balloon stand to say the least surprising is a guarantee of positive return .

In what cases to use advertising balloons?

  • Professional event: commercial animation, event show, exhibition, conference or meet-up…
  • Product Launch Evening, Private Company Evening
  • Corporate seminar, anniversary, etc.

Inflatable structures and balloons are advertising tools that are appealing more and more. By opting for an inflatable balloon for your event communication, you clearly stand out from the competition thanks to the personalized marking.

Which size of inflatable advertising balloon to choose?

The advertising balloon Inflatable is clearly visible from afar and easily serves as a landmark in space. These advertising balloons fit both indoors and outdoors . For outdoor use, it will be advisable to choose a larger size of advertising balloon: about 250 cm in diameter minimum. This is to ensure good visibility, especially on a large outdoor event.

Indoors, in a shed, hall or exhibition fair, advertising balloons can be smaller: a diameter of 180 cm to 200 cm will be ideal.

Some advertising balloons measure up to 350 cm in diameter (giant balloon). These playful balloons can be seen outdoors and animate a whole space in the blink of an eye .

The shapes of inflatable balloons in balloons

The inflatable advertising balloon is in several shapes: this is its advantage! The Baudruche is easily manipulated and in manufacturing, all configurations (or almost!) are possible, on basic parts. Advertising hot air balloon, inflatable cube, round or oval advertising balloon…

This 360° advertising object comes in several shapes and admits as many colors as you wish, depending on the price. The inflatable advertising balloon is your image: your company is valued in color, and the photos are fling!

A second breath to your com’ with the advertising balloon

Investing in an advertising balloon with custom marking is an original marketing springboard. Give a second breath to your corporate communication with custom marking balloons! Opt for a single balloon or multiple balloons depending on the size of the event and get professional advice on the use, material, the model and choice of your balloon.

An advertising balloon is a real investment: when you know the positive feedback it can have, the price is not a brake. Your company will soon benefit from exceptional visibility!

Why choose to buy a balloon on pole for your event?

You probably noticed it recently if you had the opportunity to go to a professional event or for a show: advertising balloons have the coast, and we find more and more in public places! It must be said that they are very convenient and an advertising balloon without helium always causes a lot of effects to people who have the opportunity to see them, even if it is advertising. Indeed, we are more used to seeing advertising posters, and having in front of us a giant balloon us causes a fairly interesting reaction: this is something that we have not been used to seeing for years! But that’s not all, because as you suspect, if giant balloons without helium are working as well right now, it is certainly no accident. The latter have many advantages that should not displease you:

  • they allow you to be visible in height during indoor and outdoor events
  • they are very easily identifiable in relation to their round shape and their large size
  • giant balloons make people curious: they want to know more about their balloons!
  • They can be completely customized, both on color and logos to print on it!
  • balloons are reusable, therefore you will be able to achieve in the long term valuable savings that do not are clearly not negligible!

How much does a giant balloon or balloon without helium cost?

In terms of price giant balloon and balloon without helium are roughly equivalent, but you will find very affordable prices especially on the web thanks to professionals who offer to customize for your business giant balloons at least cost. However, to get a price, it is better to ask for a quote because they are balloons that are entirely tailored to your image, and as you can expect this at a price that is sometimes not innocuous although it remains quite affordable. Indeed, according to your requests, the provider will be able to offer you several forms of giant balloons available to stand out during your events. Thus, you will have the opportunity to find balloons with the following shapes:

  • classic balloons that hold on a rod
  • of airships balloons to attract a little more eye
  • balloons that hold on tripods
  • balloons that are illuminated for visibility available even in the most extreme conditions
  • balloons that have mirrored effect
  • … and many more giant balloons!

If you have a need for your next show or forum, we can only recommend that you call a professional to specify your request: the latter will perfectly answer your request and tell you the best balloon option with or without helium to choose, because these professionals are in fact used to work with thousands of professionals every year and they know perfectly all the constraints of eachevent.