Advantages and constraints of walk-in shower

Want to know everything about walk-in shower? Here we give you the advantages but also the disadvantages of this new type of shower very fashionable. The walk-in shower does not fit everyone. Follow the interior design guide to find out if the walk-in shower is best suited to your needs.

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  • The specificities of walk-in shower The
  • advantages of walk-in shower
  • Limits and
    • constraints Very complex technical features
  • What alternatives to walk-in shower?

The specifics of the walk-in shower

Walk-in shower is a decorative issue that often comes back. Walk-in shower or not? It makes us all dream, with her walk-in access without walking and with a space greatly appreciable … Aesthetic, elegant, modern… The walk-in shower is also a huge challenge to embark on when you want to renovate yourself.

Its specifics? The walk-in shower is directly inspired by the Roman baths . So we go to ancient Rome, with simple and full-level access to the baths. In this case, access to his shower that is more natural, aesthetic, modern and “clean” to the eye.

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With or without wall , the walk-in shower is available according to the desires of the guests, often with modern tiles that highlight the space created by the specificities of the walk-in shower.

We will try to weigh the pros and cons of the walk-in shower for you, depending on the known criteria but also feedback.

The advantages of walk-in shower

The walk-in shower is appreciated above all for its aesthetic advantages. You are embarked on an arrangement that decidedly goes towards the minimalist, the clean, the modern . The tray is fully integrated on the floor and remains invisible unlike a conventional shower tray.

The room is undoubtedly enlarged, which adds in aesthetics to your bathroom. The space thus enlarged, you also have the superb advantage of being able to decrease the variety of coating materials to choose from.

Another advantage: the PMR (people with reduced mobility ) have super-comfort thanks to a walk-in shower. Without walking, they are less likely to have an accident if they stand up. A shower wheelchair passes easily and the shower activity is greatly facilitated on a daily basis.

Limits and the constraints

The walk-in shower does not have only advantages, otherwise it would be really too simple. It is essential to take into account the fact that the installation of a walk-in shower is highly restrictive .

Enthusiasts will therefore not embark on this initiative, under penalty of seeing their walk-in shower malfunction due to lack of professionalism in the installation.

Moreover, if you need to have your walk-in shower installed by a professional, it is indeed the cost of the installation that will be prohibitive. The implementation of a walk-in shower is extremely technical and requires having all the parameters.

Very complex technical specificities

The tray of a walk-in shower must be recessed in the floor with its evacuation, which certainly does not improvise. If you are located upstairs and are going on a renovation, make several quotes from professionals, because the operation may even result in an impossibility of installing walk-in shower.

The major constraint for installing a walk-in shower is to have a floor inclination ranging from 1 to 3 centimeters, so that the water flows well. The walk-in shower has a drain in the form of slots dug into the tray.

Moreover, it goes either that the waterproofing must be perfectly thought out before any installation of a walk-in shower. Consider choosing water-repellent or hydrophobic materials: your walls must be protected under all circumstances.

What alternatives to walk-in shower?

So, if the shower Italian style is very beautiful but that it is very expensive to install, are there any alternatives to this one? The answer is yes. For those who are interested in planning and renovation, there is the extra flat shower tray, which remains a good in-between a real walk-in shower and a rather classic shower.

You keep the whole aesthetic side, and you can even raise the tray if needed, to make sure you promote a good discharge of shower water from your bathroom.