3 solutions for lightening wood

You like natural wood. However, you find that the color of some of your wooden furniture is too dark or rather rustic. The good news is that today there are many techniques to lighten your wood to make it much new and a little more current. Regardless of the type of wood, whether it is about walnut, oak or cherry, you will find in this article tips that will help you efficiently lighten your wood.

Make use of oxalic acid

You can excellently lighten your wood with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a powder that is diluted in water to make it a substance. To use it, it you Just protect your hands with household gloves as well as your eyes by using suitable protective goggles. Then you will settle in a well-ventilated room while paying attention to wearing a suitable garment. After that, you will dissolve the acid inside a bowl that you have previously filled with hot water. As for the measurement, 200 grams will be suitable for one liter. Once all this is done, you will apply the substance to the wood using a sponge or brush.

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Thereafter, you will rinse the first time with enough still water, and the second time with alcoholic water. Then you will let the wood dry properly for 24 hours.

Make use of burning alcohol

If you want to clean or lighten your furniture made with oak, burning alcohol will be an important asset for you. It is not harmful and its effectiveness is genuinely proven.

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All you will need to make good use of them are gloves and elbow oil. After that, you will proceed to a slight ironing with the help of wax, and your wooden furniture will have a magical shine. In addition, DIY tutorials are available on the internet to help you make the lightening of your wood well.

Oxygenated water and ammonia

The mixture of ammoniaand oxygenated water is quite effective when it comes to thinning wood. To do so, first of all you need to pour into a plastic or glass container so-called oxygenated water in a quantity of 130 volumes and ammonia in equal parts.

However, this solution is not entirely safe for the human body. It will therefore be necessary to make use of it only when you have your hands well protected with gloves from Household. For this purpose, you will also need to wear well-covering clothes. In addition, all manipulations will have to be done only in well-ventilated rooms. You will have to be very careful not to breathe the steam that the mixture of products could generate.

After applying the mixture with a nylon brush or sponge, you will let the substance act on the wood for an hour. After that, you can first rinse with a sponge soaked in water, and then a second time with the help of vinegar. However, be careful not to soak the thin walls of the furniture. Better, you will have to be careful when drying these walls as quickly as possible with a cloth.