12v 220v converter : all know

Today, many devices and gadgets work on electricity. Some on a voltage 12 Volts, others on 220 Volts. To charge your various devices on your car cigarette lighter, there is a 12 Volt 220 Volt converter. We tell you everything you need to know about this USB transformer that makes life easier.

Converter What is a 12v 220v USB Converter?

The 12V 220V USB converter is a portable electric transformer for car. It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and allows you to connect one or more devices via USB.

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It is used to charge electrical appliances of type Battery charger, smartphone, tablet, etc. As at home, you manage the power of your devices thanks to the electricity of your car. This is a so-called free energy since your car battery charges as you drive.

Our advice is, of course, to connect your devices in USB only when you are available on a long ride and the engine is running well in power.

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Converter, transformer or inverter?

A car 12V 220V converter is not an inverter. However, some devices act as converter/transformer/inverter with battery at the same time. Since these devices are more technically advanced, their price will also be higher.

How does a 12V 220V converter work

The 12V 220V converter turns 12V voltage into 220V output voltage to make your devices usable. There are two kinds of 12V 220 V converters :

  • The converter 12 V 220 V pure wave sine
  • The converter 12 V 220 V pseudo sine wave

Pure sine means that the output current obtained is of the same quality (“pure”) as a voltage 220 V obtained in a socket in your home. Pure sine wave converters also range up to 230V.

Pseudo sine means that the quality of the output current will be lower than that of a domestic outlet. The sine wave will only be a “near-” or “pseudo” sinusoidal wave, with less strong power.

In short, be aware that if you opt for a pseudo sine converter, you may prematurely use your electrical appliances (less protection). The power of both converters will not be the same. The 12V 220 V converters also have difficulty in allowing a good electrical start inductive.

If you need to choose a 12V 220V converter to plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter (USB adapter output), it will depend on how you want to use it. For Watts converters, ask: some converters are combined.

Choose your 12V 220V USB converter

The choice of your 12V 220V converter should be based on the desired power and the use you will make of it. Two types of 12V 220V converter use are noted:

  • Use of resistive devices
  • Use of devices in inductive

Resistive material consumes electricity stably and consistently.

Example: razor, vacuum cleaner, USB auto solar charger, etc.

Inductive material requires regular intake of high power electric. For a start, the required power will rise and then go down to the power consumption or rated power of the device, expressed in Watts.

Example: pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators, compressors, etc.

Our opinion on the 12V 220V converter : many models of converters are available for sale and in stock on the internet and are available in fast delivery after purchase.

Choose your car USB converter model well based on this information and product usage. Some converters with accessories at prohibitive prices (in EUR) are ultra-advanced (power inverter, etc.) and even have an LCD display.